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Ups Truck Hit My Parked Car

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Ups Truck Hit My Parked Car – A promising 14-year-old doctor was tragically thrown from the passenger seat of a speeding sedan when its teenage driver lost control and crashed into a parked pickup truck in Queens, police said Thursday.

“I felt like I was dead all at once,” said Keisha Francis, the girl’s grieving mother, when she learned her daughter, Fortune Williams, had died in the crash.

Ups Truck Hit My Parked Car

“I feel like I lost my breath at the same time as my mother,” Francis said. “My life will never be the same without my daughter. My life will never be the same. It’s rude.”

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The horrifying footage was shown from start to finish of the clash at 18:40. On Wednesday, a 16-year-old driver of a red BMW lost control while swerving a tractor-trailer and hit a UPS van parked on North Conduit Avenue. near 160th Street. In Springfield Gardens, off the Belt Parkway.

A UPS worker was getting into his truck when a sedan crashed into the back of his truck. The impact threw the worker to the ground.

The video shows that the impact sent the BMW into the side of the tractor that had just passed.

NYPD officers examine the wreckage after a fatal crash on North Conduit Avenue at 160th St. in Springfield Gardens, Queens.

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Fortune was thrown from the passenger seat of the luxury vehicle to the pavement and suffered severe head injuries, officers said. He died at the scene.

“The car was unrecognizable,” a police source told the Daily News. “She was cut into pieces. The woman’s body was on the street, next to the car.”

The driver, a 16-year-old boy whose identity is unknown, escaped with minor injuries. Doctors took him to Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

The UPS driver was taken to a hospital in Jamaica with minor injuries. The 49-year-old man driving the tractor-trailer was not injured.

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Anyone with a learner’s permit, regardless of age, may drive only when accompanied by a licensed supervised driver who is 21 years of age or older in accordance with New York City Department of Motor Vehicles regulations.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, per mile driven, drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 have a fatal crash rate nearly three times higher than drivers 20 and older. The accident rate is even higher when there are other children in the car, as was the fatal crash in March that killed five members of a former Brooklyn family in Westchester County.

Officers said Fortune lived in Brookville and was about three miles from her boyfriend’s home when the crash occurred.

“She was at home with her sister, who was almost 19,” Francis said. – He told his sister that he would sit outside and talk to his friend, not knowing that she would go with him.

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Francisca was at work at the time of the incident and heard relatives tell her to call the police.

Frances described her first conversation with the police: “They told me my daughter had been in a terrible accident and I asked her if she was OK. They did not want to tell, they took him from work to the station.”

According to Franja, the officer told him, “I’m going to show you a piece of jewelry. And if that’s the guy, he’s busted.

“My child is only 14 years old, he couldn’t wait for his birthday, same thing is happening with my child. His birthday was next month, on the fourth.”

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“My baby told me, ‘Dear mom, I know I’m not the best girl, but I want to at least give you the best Mother’s Day,'” she said, reading from the card.

“You go through a lot to be treated like this. You are mentally and physically strong. You’re beautiful, you’re fun, and you’re just a blast. I love you more than cooked food. Happy Mother’s Day from Fortune. I love you.'”

A ninth-grader at George Washington Carver High School, Fortune wanted to be a nurse and later a doctor, Frances said.

“I said that you can become a doctor even if you finish high school. You will get a nursing certificate and you can work as a nurse and go to school to become a doctor.

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“At least she would be stable, working as a nurse while she goes to school to become a doctor.”

NYPD officers and collision investigation detectives examine the wreckage after a fatal crash at 160 North Conduit Avenue in Queens on Wednesday.

Francis said Fortune was inspired by her godmother, who was a doctor. He says Fortune is willing to do the job.

“He was very obedient,” Francis said. “He was very caring. He was very sweet and smart. She loved to dress up and look beautiful. He was very interested in his education. “

Be Careful With Ups

“I don’t know about him. I don’t know anything about him – he said. “I want to know why he was chasing my child?” And he is 16 years old. Why does he have a car, is he driving?” News / World news / Tragic collision caught on camera | A fatal crash between a BMW and a UPS truck in Queens has claimed the life of a New York teenager.

A tragic collision caught on camera A fatal crash between a BMW and a UPS truck in Queens has claimed the life of a New York teenager.

The impact caused a chain reaction that resulted in the BMW hitting a tractor trailer and resulting in the ejection and death of young Fortune Williams.

A tragic incident occurred when a 14-year-old girl was killed in a high-speed crash with a BMW in Queens. A video of the incident shared on the Citizen app shows a red BMW 325i driven by a 16-year-old boy going out of control and colliding with a parked UPS truck.

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In Queens, a 14-year-old girl named Fortune Williams was killed in a high-speed collision with a BMW.

The impact set off a chain reaction that resulted in the BMW hitting a tractor-trailer, which resulted in the ejection and death of young Fortune Williams.

Broken and devastated, her mother Keisha Francis described Fortune as a beautiful, kind and ambitious girl who dreamed of becoming a doctor.

According to official information, the tragic incident happened around 18:40. on Wednesday, when a teenage driver was speeding recklessly on North Conduit Avenue near the intersection of 160th Street in Springfield Park.

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The video, albeit brief, shows several vehicles passing through a residential area before the BMW veers into the right center lane, loses control and collides with the rear left side of a parked UPS truck. can reach The impact caused the truck to partially jump over the curb, hitting a UPS worker who was trying to get on the passenger side.

The out-of-control BMW then spins across the road, back into the center left lane and collides with the right side of the tractor trailer. Fortune Williams, who was riding in the BMW, suffered serious head injuries and could not be revived by officers. Her grief-stricken mother shed tears and expressed her dismay and disbelief at the loss of her beloved daughter. The last words they exchanged before the fatal accident were: “Mom, I love you.”

Referring to the tragedy of the 14-year-old girl who lost her life, an eyewitness told the New York Post that the BMW was completely destroyed. Although the teenage driver survived and was hospitalized in stable condition after complaining of pain, no charges had been filed as of Thursday. The tractor driver, a 49-year-old man, remained at the scene and was not injured.

This event shook the entire neighborhood, and the residents mourned the untimely death of a young girl and made them think about the fragility of life. Authorities continue to investigate the crash, seek answers and hope to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Queens Crash Claims Life Of 14 Year Old Fortune Williams

Newsletters, Alerts and Recommendations Receive personalized news and interesting offers. Mark the stories you want to read later. The vigil of a 14-year-old girl who was abandoned when she was hit by a car had sounds of sadness and anguish. The back of a UPS truck parked in Queens. CeFaan Kim has more.

SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, Queens (WABC) — A 14-year-old girl has died after being struck by a car that crashed into the back of a parked UPS truck in Queens.

Police are investigating why the 16-year-old was driving with another minor. The NYPD said he was driving with a learner’s permit and speeding.

“As a mother, a mother doesn’t want to go through this. I found her bracelet. I can’t sleep. I’m here to get her. I’m here to get my daughter,” said Keisha Francis, the victim’s mother.

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On Thursday morning, Francis looked through the broken window for anything that reminded him of his 14-year-old daughter, Fortune Williams.

“I have three children and she showed me more love than anything else. I have to cuddle with Fortune at night, I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t live without my daughter,” said Francis.

During the vigil Thursday night, Francis and the victim’s aunt could not bear the excruciating pain.

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