Yikes, Kelley Flanagan Just Called Out Peter Weber for Hanging with "a Good Family Friend" on Instagram

Former Bachelor Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan’s breakup has been pretty chill and drama-free for the most part (like…by Bachelor standards), but Kelley just hopped into the comments on a re-post of Peter’s latest Instagram and seemingly called him out for hanging with a “family friend.” Honestly, the whole thing is somewhat confusing and convoluted, but said family friend appears to be Victoria Justice?

But let’s rewind for a moment. Over the weekend, Peter posted this photo:

Kelley then hopped into the comments of a fan account’s re-post and wrote “a good family friend of mine…nice.”

It’s unclear exactly what Kelley means, but there’s a lot of speculation happening in Bachelor Nation. Some fans living for this Bachelor micro-drama think the family friend in question is Kelley’s and that she’s calling Peter out for hanging with her.

But as longtime professional detectives fans note, Peter’s been friends with Victoria Justice for years. Victoria herself explained the connection back in 2019, writing on Insta “So great catching up with you today @pilot_pete ! For those of you who watch the Bachelorette, I’m sure you know Peter. We’ve been friends since I was 9 back in Florida & our moms are good friends (so let’s not start any crazy rumors ha). We all haven’t seen each other in years & it was so much fun catching up & reminiscing. 🤗”

So yeah, because of this history ^ there’s also speculation that Kelley’s comment was somehow calling Peter out on his friendship with Victoria. But whomst knows! Either way, Peter and Kelley appear 100 percent done, though reminder: they recently sparked reunion rumors when she seemingly stayed with him in NYC while apartment hunting.

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