Yellowstones Beth Dutton death sealed as Wes Bentley drops clue

Yellowstone: Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly discuss their roles

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Jamie (played by Wes Bentley) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) have a toxic and heartbreaking history which has led to a resentful and violent relationship between the Yellowstone pair. In episode four of season five of the Paramount drama, this hostility reached new heights when Beth discovered her adoptive brother had a son – given she holds him responsible for her not being able to have children. What followed was a menacing threat from the ruthless daughter of John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Beth warned Jamie that he ought to “kiss his son goodbye” the next time he sees him as she was now hellbent on taking him away from his father.

The moment came after Jamie had managed to use his power to stop Beth from spending time in jail for a bar fight in Bozeman during the episode prior.

But once Beth issued the threat, Jamie’s mood switched and he sped towards his adoptive sister in his car, narrowly avoiding mowing her down at the last second.

Now, speaking on Paramount’s Behind the Story, Yellowstone star Bentley had dropped a menacing hint that Jamie may still have Beth in his sights.

He told viewers: “It’s a lot of fun for Jamie to watch Beth with cuffs (laughs). It’s a little win, her needing his legal expertise. 

“It’s always great working with Kelly. We’ve had since day one a great connection and chemistry. 

“Obviously there’s a very striking moment with Beth when she comes out the jail and she notices the car seat, it’s a huge moment between them obviously because of the history, it’s the crevice between them. 

“You know, I think he feels bad,” Bentley added as he referred to Jamie’s apology to Beth. “I think that might have been the last moment they could maybe try to find healing and obviously she’s not ready.”

Turning his attention to the threat Beth made, he went on: “She just loses it. She threatens Jamie’s child and then we see where Jamie’s at and that he considers taking her out right then and there. 

“That means he might be able to take her out, period,” Bentley teased as wry smile on his face.

Could this be the actor’s way of foreshadowing a deadly exit for Beth if his character catches up to her?

Reilly also weighed in with her thoughts, explaining: “Underneath there is just so much pain. 

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“The fact that he says sorry to her makes her even madder. The threat is just out of pain, it’s like bile. 

“She hates him and I think to live with that level of hatred must be really unbearable.”

Jamie’s no stranger to taking deadly action before fans will remember – even against his own family.

Not only did he strangle reporter Sarah Nguyen (Michael Conlin) after she threatened to publish his damning words about John, but he even shot his biological father Garrett Randall (Will Patton).

Given the volatile relationship he has with Beth, he’d surely have an easier time of things if Beth were no longer in the picture.

However, he knows John and Beth’s other half Rip (Cole Hauser) would stop at nothing to discover the truth should Beth be killed or disappear.

Fans will have to continue tuning into season five of Yellowstone to find out if Bentley’s words of warning hold any weight or not.

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sunday on the Paramount Network in the USA and Monday on Paramount+ in the UK.

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