World Cup bid under threat as national anthems booing to be used as crowbar to beat UK

GMB: Booing national anthems 'damaging' for UK says Coe

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Lord Coe was invited onto ITV’s Good Morning Britain to debate the fallout from Euro2020 for the UK’s joint bid to host the World Cup in 2030. The World Athletics President singled out the booing of national anthems by England football fans at the start of games as a potential threat to the UK’s chances. He told the GMB panel that the actions of some fans could be used as a “crowbar” to beat the UK

Lord Coe told GMB: “If England comes out of this as the preferred bid then there are over 200 international football associations who will make a decision.

“And the booing of national anthems and the scenes that we have seen are on news clips around the world and will be used by other bids.

“They will use that as a crowbar to support their own bids

“It was disfiguring and it was damaging.”

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The UK along with Ireland has entered a prospective joint bid for the 2030 Word Cup which would see venues across all five nations host the games.

Sports reporter Matt Lawton has also warned that the conduct of the supporters would likely have “major repercussions” for England’s chances of hosting the World Cup.

Matt Lawton told TimesRadio: “It was bad and there is going to be major repercussions from this.

“I need to grasp as a reporter where the responsibility lies because what people need to understand before they completely have a go at the FA is the FA actually hand over management of the stadium to UEFA at the start of the tournament.

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“So in terms of stewarding and policing, we need to get to the bottom of who’s that on really but when you look at England bidding from the 2030 World Cup that is a setback last night.”

“Because it was a disgrace,” added The Times’s Chief sports Correspondent.

“And England’s fans I’m afraid…I’ve travelled too often with them to see this.

“Been in Seville just a couple of years ago, commented to some colleagues 10 o’clock on an October evening and said to people how nice to was seeing people at and mothers pushing prams, and families after dinner walking around the streets of this beautiful Spanish city.

“And then walking around a corner and suddenly England fans shirts off, beer bottles being thrown, chairs being thrown, riot police.”

During the historic game, English fans had gathered outside Wembley in the thousands to cheer on Gareth Southgate and the team.

Videos on social media captured the moment some fans in the crowd rushed into the stadium’s grounds after forcing their way through the security perimeter.

In one clip fans can be seen dodging stewards as a crowd charges up steps in an attempt to get access to the stands.

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