Why Didnt They Ask Evans Lucy Boynton opens up on dark Frankie role

Why Didn't They Ask Evans?: Trailer for Agatha Christie series

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Britbox’s hit murder mystery series Why Didn’t They Ask Evans landed on screens in April to tell the story of two friends solving a puzzling death. Actress Lucy Boyton has spoken about portraying Frankie Derwent in the three-part series. 

After discovering a dying man on the bottom of a cliff during a golfing trip Bobby Jones (played by Will Poulter) set out on a mission to discover who the man was. 

Using his last words, the man cryptically asked Bobby: “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”

Even after the inquest, Bobby was unconvinced and believed there was something more sinister about the death. 

As a result, he teamed up with his friend Frankie and together they set out on a cross-country adventure to investigate the death. 

Frankie and Bobby were childhood friends and even though 10 years had passed since they last saw each other, they hit it off instantly. 

Although she was an aristocrat and the daughter of Lord Mercham (Jim Broadbent) she had a flair for adventure. 

So she quickly agreed to join Bobby as he travelled across England and Wales to solve the mystery. 

Actress Lucy opened up about her preparation for the role and how she was surprised by how “dark” her character was.

She revealed: “I hadn’t read the book, so I read the script first and then prior to meeting, I read the book to get a gauge of how true to the book it had stayed and how the characters had developed.

“I actually really loved the adaptation of Frankie because in the book there’s a bit more of a dark cloud that hangs over her at the very beginning. 

“She’s described as a dark figure, rather sick and tired of the socialist and then as she and Bobby pursued the adventure she comes to life and becomes more animated and acerbic.” 

Showrunner Hugh Laurie has paid a heartfelt tribute to Lucy for her portrayal of Frankie.

Reflecting on the series, he stated: “I absolutely love the story. Actually, I think there’s something hip about it.

“I think it’s the hip character, it’s a hip story, and there’s a useful conundrum at the centre of it and it’s so exquisitely revealed in the book.”

The showrunner praised: “We tried to do justice to that moment, actually Lucy had to bear the weight of that moment, the revelation of it, which she does, I may say justice exquisitely.”

Throughout the series, viewers watched as Frankie and Bobby got closer as they ventured and spent time together. 

Their adventure kicked off after the man was identified as Mrs Cayman’s (Morwenna Banks) adventurer brother Alex Pritchard (Leon Ockendon).

As they attempted to solve Alex’s death, Frankie and Bobby were faced with a shocking amount of revelations to do with deceit, betrayal, and murder.

As a result, they decided to protect their identities and use dubious pretences to gain access to a number of establishments.

The pair even staged a car crash to ensure an allegedly concussed Frankie could enter the stately residence of their chief suspect.

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans is available on Britbox

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