Who leaves Phil Mitchell to die in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) hasn’t had an easy ride as of late in EastEnders. With money problems aplenty, and several issues at home to deal with, it’s been a tough couple of months for the Mitchell hard-man. However, things are going to get much worse, as he’ll soon find himself on the receiving end of a brutal beating — and it’s one that will leave him fighting for his life. The big question is: who is it that carries out such a heinous attack?

Phil has made no shortage of enemies during his time on the Square, and the truth is is that any one of them could be out for revenge. A scorned business contact? Perhaps, but it’s safe to assume that Phil’s actions over the last few weeks — as well as those in the episodes leading up to the attack — will be instrumental in driving the perpetrator to resort to such drastic measures.

Keanu (Danny Walters), for one, is certainly a suspect — especially after he has an altercation with Phil in the coming episodes. After learning that Phil is still meeting with dodgy business contacts, he insists that his soon-to-be father-in-law gives up his criminal capers for the sake of their unborn children. Phil takes little notice of his advice, so the young lad takes matters into his own hands — an action which results in the two men having a showdown in the Vic, with Phil delivering Keanu a threat in front of everyone. Could Keanu take drastic action as a result?

Interestingly, the young mechanic isn’t the only one to rile Phil up whilst he’s at the Vic, as a drunken Kat (Jessie Wallace) mocks him about the stolen money. After realising what she’s done, she attempts to backtrack, but it’s no use — and Phil threatens Tommy as a result. There isn’t much that the Slaters won’t do for their family, so could Kat go to extreme lengths to protect her son?

Ben (Max Bowden) is certainly a possible suspect too, as he’s disgruntled to learn that his dad has removed him from his will. With revenge no doubt on his mind, could Ben be the mystery attacker? The young man has proven over the past few months that nothing will stop him from taking Phil down once and for all, and what better way to do so than to beat him to within an inch of his life?

With Sharon (Letitia Dean) set to discover who the father of her baby is when the DNA test results arrive back, could she perhaps be forced to resort to drastic measures to keep both herself and her unborn child safe? Then there’s Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) — who’s returning to the Square soon — and if anyone has form for attacking Phil, it’s her — given that she famously shot the Mitchell patriarch back in 2001.

So many suspects, but which one is it?

Regardless, Phil’s life will be left hanging in the balance after the attack — and the person responsible will takes drastic measures in order to cover their tracks. But just how far are they willing to go to avoid being implicated?

One to watch: Tuesday 30th July at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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