Who is the new vicar in Emmerdale? Fans think they've uncovered Charles' secret identity

EMMERDALE fans are convinced they’ve uncovered new vicar Charles Anderson’s secret identity after he confronted Harriet about Malone’s disturbed grave. 

The new vicar – who is played by Kevin Mathurin in the ITV soap – arrived in the village just before Christmas. But could there be more to his character than meets the eye? Here’s the lowdown…

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Who is the new vicar in Emmerdale?

Viewers are convinced that Charles is up to something after he started quizzing Dawn about Harriet’s past and sniffing around Malone’s disturbed grave.

Fans think he’ll turn out to be an undercover police officer with links to Malone – and with a plan to bring about Harriet’s downfall.

One viewer tweeted: “Beginning to think this new vicar Charles is also an undercover detective/friend of Malone.”

Another added: “I think Charles is an undercover cop. He is asking lots of questions and he could tell the grave has been dug up #Emmerdale.”

A third viewer said: “Anyone else getting that "Charles is an undercover cop" vibe? If he is, he's done his homework because he certainly knows his scriptures.”

But whether Charles turns out to have a connection to Malone remains to be seen, and viewers will have to tune into Emmerdale to find out.

Will Charles discover Malone’s body in Emmerdale?

Charles has been hot on Harriet’s heels ever since he arrived in the village and this week’s scenes saw the new vicar confront Harriet about Malone’s disturbed grave.

Viewers will remember that Harriet and Dawn had buried Malone in an occupied grave in the village graveyard but, after the true occupant’s daughter announced she was moving her father’s body elsewhere, Harriet and Will were forced to move his body to Home Farm. 

Charles was quick to notice that a grave had been tampered with in the graveyard, and told Harriet that he now has a duty to report it to the Arch Bishop as a criminal offence.

Harriet then asked Charles not to take it any further, which only raised the new vicar’s suspicions.

Might Charles do some digging and discover Malone’s body – and bring down Harriet in the process?

WIth Emmerdale yet to confirm exact plot details, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Who plays the new vicar in Emmerdale?

Charles is played by Kevin Mathurin, who has previously appeared in The One and Only Ivan and Rillington Place.

Speaking about joining the cast of Emmerdale, Kevin said: “I am over the moon to be joining the cast of Emmerdale. 

“The show has always been a family favourite and my mum is a huge fan. 

“The cast and crew have all been so welcoming and I am really looking forward to Charles’ storylines in the Village.”

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