Who is The Last Leg host Alex Brooker and is he related to Charlie Brooker? – The Sun

ALEX Brooker is known for his comedy skills on Channel 4 hit The Last Leg

But many fans often wonder if he is related to Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker.

Who is Alex Brooker?

Alex  was born May 15, 1984.

He is an English journalist and presenter, who is best known for his television work with Channel 4.

Alex is well known for co-hosting The Last leg with Adam Hills and Josh Widdicombe.

He was born with hand and arm deformities, and a twisted right leg which had to be amputated when he was a baby – he now wears a prosthetic leg.

In 2014 he co-hosted The Jump with Davina McCall, and in 2016 began presenting The Superhumans Show and was on Crystal Maze in 2017.

Are Alex and Charlie Brooker related?

Alex often gets asked if he is related to fellow satirical star Charlie Brooker.

It is purely due to the fact they share a surname and fans think they are brothers.

But sadly Alex is not related to the Black Mirror creator.

Is Alex Brooker married?

Alex is a married man and has been wed for seven years.

He married his accountant wife Lynsey in 2014.

The couple have two daughters.

What is The Last Leg?

Along with Alex, The Last Leg is hosted by Adam Hill and Josh Widdicombe.

The satirical show is summed up by main presenter Adam as: “Three guys with four legs talking about the week.”

This is based upon the fact that Adam was born without a right foot and, as mentioned, Alex had his right leg amputated when he was a baby.

The original series, broadcast during the 2012 Paralympics, was a look back at each day’s events during the competition, as well as a look at the news that week.

Following on from the Paralympics, the series became a weekly show that looked at the events in the news that week, as well as covering Paralympic matters.

The series is broadcast live and encourages interaction with the viewers at home.

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