When Will 'The End of The F***ing World 2' Return to Netflix?

Fans hoped sleeper hit, The End of the F***ing World wouldn’t leave them hanging after season one’s cliffhanger ending left them breathless. It appears that indeed the series will return along with the obvious plot twists and turns.

In August 2018 TEOTFW Twitter pinned the final scene of season one that gripped audiences. Main character James is running for his life, pursued by the cops as girlfriend (and former potential victim) Alyssa chases him screaming. A gunshot is heard. And the screen goes black.

Was James shot and killed? Did he get away? Was Alyssa in trouble too after the Bonnie and Clyde style road rampage the two embarked upon? Viewers could be left hanging as the fickle nature of television leaves brilliant shows on the cutting room floor all the time.

The wait for season two will soon be over

The television Gods smiled upon The End of the F**ing World as season two is only weeks away from debuting. TEOTFW promised a second season but only now fans have a specific date. Actress Jessica Barden who portrays Alyssa dropped specifics on her Instagram. “Aight imma head out now. TEOTFW2 starts November 4th on @channel4 at 10pm, they will play two episodes each night until the 7th November. K!”

Fans were thrilled to learn season two was certain, but many wanted to know when it would be streaming on Netflix. According to her thread, U.S. fans can catch season two on November 5. Barden also shared a photo from the series of Alyssa wearing a flowing white dress, standing alone in front of a rundown, abandoned cafe.

TEOTFW also shared on Twitter but included a pretty ominous photo. The photo includes only Barden but shows her sitting in a diner wearing the same dress, looking sad. The diner is similar to the one Alyssa and James visited on their illustrious “first date” too. However, in this photo, James is not sitting opposite Alyssa but rather she is accompanied by an urn. The photo includes a caption, “I’m Alyssa. I’m nineteen. And I thought I’d already had the sh***est day of my life.”

Does that mean season two won’t include James?

Fans weren’t happy at the thought that James doesn’t survive the gunshot. “James better be alive. If not we riot,” one person remarked. In fact, several people commented that they needed James to still be alive.

No spoilers on what becomes of James so viewers will have to tune in to learn his fate. However, Barden has posted a few hint photos along the way. In September she shared a photo of Alyssa looking forlorn, wearing what appears to be a waitress uniform. She’s standing in the thick woods. “F**k it, here we go again,” she wrote. In March, she also shared the front cover of the script from season two.

Viewers will also meet a new character. “Bonnie” will be part of season two. “The End of the F***ing World is back for series 2 and I’m joining the F***king cast Tune into the world premiere of series two in the UK on @Channel4, or watch on @Netflix soon after everywhere else this November,” actress Naomi Ackie shared.

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