What/If's Blake Jenner Breaks Down His Sexiest Scenes From the Netflix Thriller, Shares Hopes for Season 2

By the end of What/If‘s 10-episode first season, all of the characters have revealed at least one monumental secret about themselves. And some characters, like Blake Jenner‘s oft-unclothed Sean Donovan, have revealed a whole lot more.

“There’s a lot of ass acting on this show,” Jenner admits, referring to the fact that we get acquainted with Sean’s backside before we even really see his face. “I was like, ‘Guys, I know it doesn’t say it in the script, but I really feel like showing my ass here makes sense for my character.’ No, this is actually the first time I’ve done something like that. It was a nice departure, and it allowed me to be more vulnerable, more in the moment. It also gave me an excuse to use the stair master a lot.”

Of course, Sean’s most memorable clothing-optional moment comes during one of his wife’s particularly paranoid day dreams about a steamy encounter between Sean and Renee Zellweger’s character Anne Montgomery.

“I was such a huge fan of hers growing up, so it took me a minute to come to terms with the fact that I got to work alongside this amazing Oscar-winning actress,” Jenner says. “And then it was just like, ‘You ready? Pucker up!’ … No, she’s honestly so down to earth and cool. She inspires you to be a kinder human, always. And I love the way she dives into her role, it’s really inspiring. There have been a few times in my career that I’ve gotten to work with someone whose movies I grew up on, but this was the most surreal.”

Viewers are also treated to plenty of steamy marital moments between Sean and Lisa (played by Jane Levy). “Getting married on my first day of work was pretty wild,” Jenner admits. “Jane and I barely knew each other at point, so I just showed up and said my vows in front of a bunch of strangers. … Jane and I had dinner one night and we were like, ‘With this show, you have to love this couple, or else it won’t work.’ So doing that first was actually very enlightening, and it helped shape our bond.”

He also feels like series creator Mike Kelley ended the first season “on a very real note. It wasn’t tied with a bow. It leaves it up to the audience to think about what could be next.” Kelley recently told TVLine that his goal is to get the entire cast back in different roles for a second season of the anthology series, a prospect that excites Jenner to no end.

“If it works out for everyone, timing-wise, I’d love to know what else is cooking in Mike’s brain,” he says. “Knowing him, I think he’d do us all a solid and have us play completely different characters, which I’d be excited for. I want to be someone really f–d up and dark, even more so than Sean. … I’ve been boxing for years, so I’d like to play a down-and-out boxer. Or maybe a drummer. Like, a musician or a drug addict.”

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