What happened on Love Island tonight? Recap of episode 40 with all the gossip and highlights

Michael confessed to Amber that he still had feelings for the beauty therapist, subsequently leaving Greg on the edge in tonight's episode of Love Island.

And while India and Ovie’s romance continued to blossom, the news of a shock recoupling caused instant tension in the villa. But what else occurred?

What happened in tonight’s episode?

Michael at long last had the courage to approach Amber and disclose to her how he truly felt about their circumstance in the villa, having joined her on the sun deck to move a few things out into the open.

“The situation that I am in now has given me time to clarify a few things in my head,” he said.

“It’s given me time to think and realise ‘I do like Amber’. I can only apologise about how I was over the last few weeks. I’m just letting you know that I do still like you.”

Amber was completely taken aback by Michael’s confession, questioning the firefighter why he would put her through misery if he truly still had feelings for her after she had returned from Casa Amor.

The beauty therapist pressed for an answer after questioning her former Island partner whether he would have been this honest even if Joanna had still been in the villa, to which Michael said: “Yes. I knew that I still liked you.”

Amber was eventually left conflicted between Michael and newcomer Greg, worrying in the Beach Hut that she was stunned to see the hunk from Liverpool open up and make her realize that despite everything, he still loved her.

Meanwhile, after their date the night prior, Ovie and India’s romance continued to blossom, but it seemed as if Chris wasn't ready to give up op on pursuing the model just yet.

Speaking on the terrace, India gushed about having entered the villa and immediately built a connection with a handsome Islander – and it appeared that Ovie was all the man that she wanted.

In the same episode, however, Chris wasn't going to keep his mouth shut given that he additionally liked India and had just felt as though the brunette was floating away from him.

Elsewhere, Anton made his anticipated return to the show after falling ill and subsequently being rushed out of the villa for immediate medical treatment.

While in the Beach Hut, Anton spouted: “I’m back! I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt in here. I’m so happy to be back with my family and see the beautiful Belle.”

The gym owner was back just in time for today’s challenge titled Men At Work.

All of the boys competed to be named the villa’s buffest builder. They had to deliver the sexiest performance while travelling around a construction-style course to reach their girl on the other side.

For the task, Greg had picked to couple up with Amber – and subsequent to finishing the assignment, rather than kissing her on the lips, Greg settled on a basic peck on the cheek.

While the rugby player needed to be considerate by not going in for a kiss immediately, it was Amber who appeared a little disturbed about the circumstance, clarifying: “I wouldn’t have minded if Greg had kissed me!”

In the long run, the ball was in Michael's court to take on the test, and since he was single in villa, Michael additionally picked Amber.

Be that as it may, rather than giving her a kiss on the cheek, subsequent to finishing the race, Michael tried to leave an impression with his fellow Islanders by planting a kiss on the beauty from Newcastle.

And by the end of the night, the villa was rocked with the news that a new recoupling was set to take place shortly, with the girls holding the power and choosing which guy they wanted to couple up with.

Maura read out her text message, saying: “Islanders. Tonight, there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose which boy they want to couple up with. #manofthemoment”

But who will be the next contestant to face the boot?

What days in the week is Love Island on ITV2?

You can get your fix of the show every night on ITV2 at 9pm where the main programme, hilariously narrated by Iain Stirling, gives you the lowdown on all the goings-on in the villa – from couples cracking on to singletons getting mugged off.

Saturday night's show differs from the rest of the week, as it is a round-up of all the best bits from the villa that week – and maybe some unseen footage.

If that’s not enough, you can also watch Caroline Flack's spin off show Aftersun on Sunday nights at 10pm after the main show has aired, where she discusses the latest action with celebrity guests, as well as those eliminated from the villa.

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