Unforgotten season 5 episode 1 cast welcomes Derry Girls star

Unforgotten: Sinéad Keenan and Sanjeev Bhaskar star in trailer

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Unforgotten is back on ITV and the return of the crime drama features a new leading lady. In the first episode, a severed leg is discovered inside a chimney and the team gets to work identifying the victim. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about who is in the cast.

DI Sunny Khan – Sanjeev Bhaskar

Returning to the series is a grieving Sunny Khan, played by Sanjeev Bhaskar.

The British actor, comedian and presenter is 59 years old and is married with one child.

He is known for his previous roles in Goodness Gracious Me, The Kumars at No.42 and The Indian Doctor.

DCI Jess James – Sinead Keenan

Jess James is replacing Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) as detective chief inspector and she has a very different way of running the ship.

The no-nonsense character is played by Sinead Keenan, a 45-year-old Irish actress who is 45 years old.

She is known for her roles in Fair City and Being Human.

The star admitted she was nervous to take up the Unforgotten role at first, saying: “If you’re at the start of something, you’re all in together and you’re all running blind a bit.

“You’re doing your best work, you’re hoping people will like it, but you’re all in the same boat.

“When you come into an established show, it’s very, very different. And obviously I’d seen the show, and Nicola is brilliant, so I was initially reticent about even reading the scripts.

“But then I read the scripts, and they were brilliant.”

Ebele Falade – Martina Laird

Ebele Falade is a vegan restaurant owner with a dream of running her own catering empire.

She is played by Martina Laird, a 52-year-old Trinidadian actress, director and acting teacher.

The star is known for her roles in Casualty, Jericho, EastEnders and Dreamland.

Tony Hume – Ian McElhinney

Successful politician and House of Lords member Tony Hume is played by Ian McElhinney.

The Northern Irish actor is best known for playing Grandad Joe in Derry Girls and Barristan Selmy in Game of Thrones.

The actor said his character has a comfy life with plenty of money and influence in government.

Karol Wojski – Max Rinehart

Poland-born Karol is navigating a new life in Paris with his girlfriend.

He is played by Max Rinehart, who has previously starred in Industry, Miss You Already and Hollyoaks.

Jay – Rhys Yates

Jay is one of the main suspects in the new season and he is played by Rhys Yates.

The actor from North West London joined the National Youth Theatre’s Playing Up programme which helped him on his way to starting an acting career.

His previous credits include The Outlaws, Silent Witness and London Kills.

Emma Hume – Hayley Mills

Emma is Lord Tony’s wife in the series and she is played by Hayley Mills.

The 76-year-old actress started her career as a child and came from a famous acting family.

Her previous credits include The Parent Trap, Whistle Down the Wind and Wild at Heart.

DS Murray Boulting – Jordan Long

DS Boulting is returning to help the team solve more mysteries and he is played by Jordan Long.

The 49-year old actor and voice-over artist is known for Prime Suspect: Tennison and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Leanne Balcombe – Georgia Mackenzie

Dr. Leanne Balcombe returns as the pathologist and she is played by Georgia Mackenzie.

Georgia is a 49-year-old British actress known for her roles in Outlaws, Hot Money and Catwalk Dogs.

DS Fran Lingley – Carolina Main

DS Fran Lingley is back for another season and she is played by Carolina Main.

Carolina is an English actress know is known for playing Cat Hogan in Blood.

Her other credits include Grantchester, Temple and Midsomer Murders.

DC Karen Willets – Pippa Nixon

DC Karen Willets is back and she is played by Pippa Nixon.

The actress is mostly known for her theatre work, but her TV credits include Midsomer Murders, Cuffs and Grantchester.

Paul Bradley – Daniel Boys

Paul Bradley is played by Daniel Boys, a 43-year-old musical theatre actor.

He appeared in the talent series Any Dream Will Do back in 2007,

As for his TV and film credits, he has starred in Endeavour, Holby City and Nativity Rocks!

Scott – Zephryn Taitte

Scott is played by Zephryn Taitte and the London-based actor is best known for playing Cyril Robinson in Call the Midwife.

His other credits include Brothers with No Game, Father Brown and Doctors.

Steve James – Andrew Lancel

Steve is Jess’s husband in the series and he is played by Andrew Lancel.

Andrew is a 52-year-old TV and theatre actor, producer and director.

He is best known for his roles in Cardiac Arrest, The Bill and Coronation Street.

Eliot James – River Archer

Eliot James is the troubled son of Steve and Jess, and he is played by River Archer.

The young actor has previously starred in EastEnders and Call the Midwife.


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Szymon Nowak – Hubert Hanowicz

Szymon Nowak is played by Hubert Hanowicz, a Polish actor known for his roles in Andor and Viewpoint.

Viewers may also recognise him as Karl from the series The Crown of the Kings.

Sophie Coulson – Anna Benton

Sophie Coulson is played by Anna Benton, but not much is known about the actress at this time.

Rashid Ghulam – Nabil Elouahabi

Rashid Ghulam is played by Nabil Elouahabi, a 48-year-old English actor.

He is perhaps best known for playing Tariq Larousi in EastEnders from 2003 to 2005.

His other credits include Strangers on the Shore and Top Boy.

Dave Adams – Mark Frost

Dave Adams is played by Mark Frost, a theatre and TV actor known for Doctors, The Bill and Poldark.

Sal – Michelle Bonnard

Sal is played by Michelle Bonnard, a 42-year-old actress and screenwriter.

She is known for her roles in The Fear, Five Days and Doctors.

Other characters in episode one include:

Kate – Kate Robbins

Cheryl – Hebe Beardsall

Rebecca – Maria Friedman

Mustafa Ali – Nana Agyeman-Bediako

Elise- Claire Ganaye

Tai – Johnny Ong

Seema – Nimmi Harasgama

Unforgotten airs on ITV on Mondays from 9pm.

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