Trevor Noah Takes Trump To Task For “Butchered” India Speech

President Donald Trump got a king’s welcome in India, but in Trevor Noah’s opinion, Trump squandered whatever goodwill he received, by offending the Indian people with an embarrassing speech.

Trump kicked off his first state visit to India Sunday at a massive welcome reception in Ahmedabad.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi by his side, the U.S. president basked in the warm welcome, and attempted to return the favor by addressing a crowd of 100,000 at what was billed as a “Namaste Trump” rally.

Noah did not like what he heard, and torched Trump tonight on The Daily Show.

“Trump is making the best of his India trip, in fact, he even made an effort to show the Indian people how much he respects them by trying to speak their language,” Noah explained. “It went about as well as you would think.”

The Comedy Central star tossed to a montage of Trump mangling a string words.

“Oh man, even if that pronunciation was right, that facial expression was so wrong,” Noah said as he laughed. “That looked like the most exercise he’s gotten in decades.”

The comedian then said Indian Twitter roasted Trump after he “butchered half the Hindi dictionary.”

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