'Too Hot to Handle': Where Was Season 2 Filmed?

Too Hot To Handle became an instant hit when it premiered on Netflix in April 2020. With Season 1 having captivated audiences around the world, many are anxiously waiting for Season 2 to begin.

Luckily for fans, the upcoming installment is just around the corner as it is set to premiere on June 23 on Netflix. But before viewers watch a new cast embark on the “least sexy vacation” ever, here are some things to know about the new season, including where it was shot and how producers kept the premise of the show under wraps from its contestants.

What is ‘Too Hot To Handle’ about?

Too Hot To Handle centers around a group of attractive men and women who come together on a tropical island for a dating show they know nothing about. When they arrive at the filming location, an Alexa-like device named Lana challenges the singles to survive the entire experience without pleasuring themselves sexually.

If successful, they could receive $100,000, which would be split amongst them. However, if any of the contestants hook up or touch in a sexual manner, money is deducted from the grand prize.

In Season 1, several of the show’s stars (cough cough Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey) broke the rules on more than one occasion and cost the group money from the jackpot. In the end, the contestants were rewarded $75,000, which they were all pretty content with after surviving a summer full of twists and surprises.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 2 was filmed in Turks and Caicos

In the first season, 10 attractive singles from around the world gathered in a luxury villa in Mexico, expecting three weeks of an absolute free-for-all. Though that’s not what they got, the group still had a memorable summer as some made romantic connections without sexual gratification while others established lasting friendships.

With Season 2 now on the horizon, one would expect that it was filmed at the same 12-bedroom, 12-bathroom home that the hilarious antics of Season 1 took place. But much to our surprise, the upcoming installment wasn’t filmed at the same location.

Instead, filming took place in Turks and Caicos during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic under safety protocols, per Variety.

The contestants had no idea they were cast on ‘Too Hot To Handle’

As a way to ensure the concept of Too Hot To Handle was kept under wraps, production filmed Season 2 and 3 under the name “Parties in Paradise.”

Seeing as ID’ing the show by its real name would have been a dead giveaway — given the breakout success of the first season — producers decided to keep the show’s actual title hidden until it was revealed to cast members later on.

After the first season, breakout star Francesca Farago told Variety that the show did the same thing during Season 1, sharing that she had no idea what she had signed up for when filming began.

“Before I even flew there, I really didn’t know. I just thought it was going to be a new concept,” Farago said. “My theory was that it was going to be “Influencer Island,” so I was like they’re getting a bunch of influencers, they’re putting us on an island and they’re going to take away all of our technology…closer to right before we left when I found out I needed to be single, I was like, ‘Maybe this is dating.’”

Despite producers keeping the name and premise of the show hidden from its stars at first, the cast still had a positive experience as some have raved about their time on the raunchy dating series.

“The show was more than a dating show. It was a show about self-exploration,” Bryce Hirschberg told Oprah Magazine. “The ultimate goal was to find yourself. When I returned to LA, I was so comfortable with myself and so happy.”

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