Tipping Point viewers brand contestant a 'muppet' for 'annoying' tactic – but he has the last laugh

TIPPING Point viewers branded a contestant a 'muppet' for an 'annoying' tactic – but he had the last laugh.

Monday's edition of the ITV quiz show saw Rob take on the machine and three other contestants.

Despite the counters being close to the edge on a number of occasions throughout his game, Rob passed to his fellow players numerous times.

It was a habit which certainly annoyed viewers at home, with one tweeting: "Yeh chips hanging off the end, I'll pass".

Another wrote: "Passing muppetry straight off the bat then".

A third tweeted: "I think Rob just loves passing, be it counters, turns or questions. The bloke's obsessed."

Meanwhile a fellow fan of the show added after Rob made it through the rounds: "Rob Pass-Pass-Pass-Pass gets through".

However, it was a tactic that paid off, as Rob made it through to the final round and the chance to win the £10,000 prize.

Sadly, he ran out of counters and had to decide whether to trade in the £2,700 he had accumulated so far for three more counters to have a stab at the jackpot.

Rob told host Ben Shephard he was going to keep the money, saying: "I'm not a risk taker, so I'm going to take the money, thank you Ben".

Tipping Point viewers recently complained that contestants breezed through with the "easiest questions on any game show".

Contestant Richard managed to get five questions correct before running out of time – but fans were quick to point out an incredibly easy question about the alphabet.

Ben asked Richard: "What is the penultimate letter of the English alphabet?"

Richard of course answered "Y" – which led to many fans to complain about how easy the question was.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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