Tipping Point contestant ‘clashes’ with Ben Shephard over wrong answer

Tipping Point viewers were left laughing at their TV screens after an over-eager contestant answered a question early and celebrated – only to be told she was wrong.

During Tuesday's edition of the hit ITV game show, hopeful Siobhan struggled to make headway in the first round.

After a few questions, she was still stuck with £0 in her prize pot.

However, when host Ben Shephard started reading out a question about a magical school, she jumped at the chance to press her buzzer.

Interrupting the host to beat her competitors, Siobhan quickly shouted out "Harry Potter".

Before Ben, 45, had managed to reply to her she started to punch the air shouting "come on… yes i've got this." with glee.

Awkwardly, the answer was wrong.

Ben added: "No you haven't I'm afraid as I was going to say, which wizarding school was filmed there… and the answer is Hogwarts."

As he completed the question Siobhan's face dropped and she folded her arms in annoyance.

Within seconds Twitter was quickly awash with comments from viewers.

One supporter wrote: "Stop interrupting Ben! #TippingPoint."

Another added: "Siobhan off to quiz jail, she's already wearing stripes."

A third continued: "#tippingpoint I thought Siobhan was going to throw a tantrum then."

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A fourth mocked: "Siobhan is so pissed off #tippingpoint."

Meanwhile, a fifth chimed in: "I love tipping point, but Ben comes across as taking the pee out of the contestants an awful lot don't you think?"

Sadly for Siobhan she was unable to improve on her problematic start on the show and she was the first contestant who was given her marching orders after the first round.

Tipping Point continues weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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