This Mornings Holly and Phil descend into panic after enormous spider appears

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This Morning 's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield hit panic mode after an 'enormous spider' was spotted in the studio.

Holly and Phil were presenting This Morning on Wednesday (April 21), but the daytime TV show hosts began to panic when they saw a large spider scuttle along the studio floor.

As they tried to keep calm, Phil, 60, announced what he had seen as Holly said: "There is the most enormous spider that ran underneath the camera."

As the camera panned to the giant insect, Holly giggled: "It doesn’t look so big on the telly” but repeatedly claimed "it’s really big."

Holly, 41, began fidgeting but desperately tried to keep calm as the spider was still in her view.

The mum-of-three asked if anyone was brave enough to “put a glass over it and let it free outside”, however, there appeared to be no takers for the task as she followed up with “No one?”

As someone approached the spider using a piece of paper and their hand, Holly let out a squeal as Phil repeatedly asked “What you doing?”

The spider immediately scurried away as Holly was ready to jump from her seat.

Phil jokingly yelled: “Well that was always going to happen” and then shouted for someone to “get a glass.”

Remembering that they were in the middle of presenting, Holly tried to distract from the spider and asked: “Can you just make it go that way.”

Phil pointed out that they’re "transmitting this" and received a heavy laugh from behind the cameras.

Finally, someone behind the camera announced that they'd "got it" to which Holly and Phil hilariously repeated.

As they were reassured that the spider was under a glass, Phil let out a high sigh and uttered: "Never a dull moment."

Holly's eyes were still fixated on the spider and she let out one last panic along with an animated gesture seemingly doing an impression of the insect.

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