This Morning caller breaks down in tears over anxiety about working on 'terrifying' Covid ward as NHS nurse

THIS Morning caller broke down in tears over her crippling anxiety about working on a "terrifying' Covid ward as an NHS nurse.

"Kerry" called up the ITV daytime show to ask for help on controlling her nerves before shifts amid the pandemic.

She said: "I have anxiety over not knowing what you're going to be given, how short staffed you'll be and what pressures you'll face.

"I want help in managing the anxiety of going to work. How can I calm myself down. 

"It's not knowing when it's going to end.

"I just sobbed last night thinking is it ever going to end…"

Kerry tailed off as she became overwhelmed with emotion.

"Am I ever going to be back to my normal staff levels with the pressure being put on us.

"The dread is always there, but it gets worse going to bed."

Host Phillip Schofield described her as "hero" who was a "knight in shining armour".

Agony Aunt Vanessa Feltz told the caller: "Thank you for all you've done.

"What really gets me about this call is the honesty. 

"When emotions, feelings and anxiety comes into play and fear takes hold it doesn't matter who you are and you could be like a beautiful viewer, a knight in shining armour, and you can be riddled with the same anxieties, exhaustion and despair like everyone else.

"You are desperate and desolate yourself.

"What you need to do is go to HR or talk to the sister of the ward and explain how you're feeling.

"You do a superhuman job, but you're only human."

This Morning viewers were moved by Kerry's call.

One said: "That nurse crying on #ThisMorning breaks my heart.

"We can thank and we can clap but bloody hell we still send these broken souls into battle it’s awful.

"I hope this is over soon. That poor woman is traumatised as I’m sure are lots of NHS staff.

Another said: "A desperate nurse on #ThisMorning has me sobbing. I’m not a cryer but this is shit."

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