The Yorkshire Vet: ‘It’s simple’ Peter Wright details why Channel 5 ‘wouldn’t want us’

The Yorkshire Vet: Peter discusses his ‘concern’ over scrubs

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The Yorkshire Vet on Channel 5 follows the life of veterinary surgeon Peter Wright, 64, and Julian Norton, 49. The programme shows the pair taking on the care of a number of animals in a North Yorkshire practice called Skeldale Veterinary Centre. The series is a huge success with viewers but Peter explained Channel 5 wouldn’t take a risk on the show if they weren’t certain it would be popular.

The Yorkshire Vet show began in 2015 and Peter has been a predominant feature since, although he was sceptical about appearing at first.

However, he is thrilled with the success of the show, commenting: “I’m absolutely thrilled with the number of fans that we have that follow us, the dedicated loyal fans.

“They’re very loyal fans and I think during lockdown, programmes like the Yorkshire Vet have been a massive comfort to get back to nature and get back to animals.”

Peter explained how surprised he was with how popular the show turned out to be as he didn’t think anyone would watch it.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live at the Great Yorkshire Show, he added: “The viewing figures are great and our fans are very loyal. If we didn’t get the views, Channel 5 wouldn’t want us, it’s as simple as that.”

He went on to add he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity, commenting: “You get people coming up to you all the time and I’m quite flattered by that because I do not and I never will consider myself to be a celebrity.

“I’m a veterinary surgeon, not a celebrity and if these people want to come and meet me, that’s great by me and I’m more than happy to spend my time with them and meet fans.”

Peter began his early veterinary days by graduating from Liverpool University in 1981 studying Veterinary science. 

He was then trained by famous veterinarian James Heriot (real name Alfred Wight) in his practice Thirsk practice – which was known as 23 Kirkgate back then.

James Herriot was well-known for his series of books which inspired the 1978 TV series, All Creatures Great and Small.

Peter fondly recalls training with James stating: “It taught me a great lot about looking after clients and patients.”

Not long after, Peter moved from Thirsk to purpose-built Skeldale veterinary centre in 1996, where he worked for over 20 years.

Peter recently decided to leave Skeldale Veterinary Centre due to the practice being too focused on pets rather than farm animals. 

He went on to accept a new job at Grace Lane Vets, which also operates in North Yorkshire.

He said of his decision: “The sad thing was is that Skeldale got to the point where it wasn’t economical to continue doing farm work.

“Skeldale Veterinary Centre has been my life for almost 40 years now and the last 20 of that was as a senior partner pretty much, I was running the practice.”

Peter has admitted he considered retiring after four years in the business. 

He discussed the possibility of retirement with his wife Lynn but she wasn’t too impressed with his decision. 

Peter told The Yorkshire Post: “I discussed it with my wife Lynn and her response was ‘I don’t want you under my feet all day long.’ 

“It would have been a massive change for both of us really and I’m not ready to be put out at grass just yet, I could continue working quite happily.”

The Yorkshire Vet is available to watch on My5 now.

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