The Walking Dead Cast Talks Michonne's Send-Off, Daryl's Fate and a Demise So Shocking, It Will Never Air

“I’d like [for Yumiko] to commit hari-kari” when it’s her time, announced Eleanor Matsuura when the cast of The Walking Dead stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 video suite Saturday. Several of her co-stars also revealed how they’d like to be killed off. Yet their visit with TVLine president Michael Ausiello was anything but depressing!

Though Danai Gurira was near the end of what she called “an amazing journey” as Michonne, she said she was “very thankful that I got to say goodbye” to the AMC drama’s fans. And the way she responded to a question about the possibility of joining Andrew Lincoln in his Rickcentric movies should give us all hope that we haven’t seen her wield a katana for the last time.

Plus, Norman Reedus, one of only two original cast members left, expressed a desire to continue playing Daryl till the show is as deceased as Glenn. “I was part of the beginning,” he noted, “so I hope to bookend the whole thing… [And] as long as there’s a zillion people outside at Comic-Con screaming for us, I think we’ll keep going.”

But the part of the interview that will leave your jaw on the floor is the one in which a certain actor imagines yet another death scene, this one so shocking and so original that there’s no way The Walking Dead — perhaps any show — would ever air it. (It even beats the “horse drive-by” that was suggested by Siddiq’s portrayer, Avi Nash.) Who’s that cast member, and how did they see their character dying? Press PLAY on the video above to find out, then hit the comments with your hopes/fears for Season 10 (bowing Sunday, Oct. 6)?

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