The Trouble With Maggie Cole viewers tear into 'unrealistic' radio interview where locals are named and shamed

VIEWERS of The Trouble With Maggie Cole have teared into the drama's 'unrealistic' radio interview where locals are named and shamed.

The six-part comedy series premiered last night and centres around village busybody Maggie Cole (Dawn French), who has to deal with the ramifications of her drunken gossiping live on-air.

Despite excitement around the new series, viewers were disappointed with the "unrealistic" radio interview that played out while Maggie was joined by her nearest and dearest for a barbecue at her house.

Things turned sour for Maggie when she revealed too much about life in her little village and those closest to her following one too many G&T's.

Maggie told listeners: "My husband is the headmaster, he's retiring next year, the woman who's taking over, she's my best friend but oh you know? Maybe not the sharpest tool in the box."

While the interview is the catalyst for the comedy, viewers were left unconvinced by the radio segment which heard Maggie talking about several of the village residents by name.

"#thetroublewithmaggiecole – unrealistic radio interview expectations," a viewer wrote. "This would never go out."

Another shared on Twitter: "No radio station would broadcast that – unless they want to be sued left, right and centre. #TheTroubleWithMaggieCole".

Broadcaster India Willoughby said: "No way would any radio station have broadcast that #thetroublewithmaggiecole".

A fourth penned: "I wouldn't have thought they would have put something like that out on the radio with it being a village and they could be recognised easily. #TheTroubleWithMaggieCole."

The drama series, which was created and written by David Brotherhood, is set in a picturesque small coastal town of Thurlbury with a tight-knit community.

It follows the aftermath of Maggie 's disastrous radio interview about local life,  during which she gives far more detail about the locals and their personal lives than he bargained for.

In the days and weeks following the show’s broadcast, Maggie sees the devastating effect of how her very public gossip-fest affects various figures around the town and disrupts their lives in the process.

Maggie has been happily married to headmaster Peter (Mark Heap) for nearly four decades and her son Jamie and his wife Becka live close by.

Other significant members of the community include Maggie's best friend Jill, (Julie Hesmondhalgh), Brian the publican, school secretary Karen (Vicki Pepperdine), the town’s GP Carol, local shopkeepers Emil and Roxanna, and hair salon worker Kelly.

Another part-time resident is the handsome Marcus (Patrick Robinson), who rents a cottage to write his best-selling novels.

The Trouble with Maggie Cole continues on Wednesday, March 11 at 9pm on ITV.

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