The Repair Shop guest who was found in a carrier bag as a baby leaves experts in awe

The Repair Shop: Woman brings teddy in from adored foster parents

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BBC viewers saw a teddy bear get brought back to life on a recent episode of The Repair Shop. Guest Leslie brought her childhood toy bear to the workshop in the hope that Jay Blades and his team could restore it. However, when Leslie saw the final restoration she was overcome with emotion.

Leslie brought her teddy bear in for toy restorers Julie and Amanda and explained to them why it meant so much to her.

She explained her heartbreaking start in life: “As a baby was left on a doorstep in a carrier bag.

“I was four and a half months old, it turned out. I only weighed eight pounds so I was really quite ill and neglected.

“The people whose doorstep I was left on applied to foster me and eventually when I was 14 months old they adopted me.

“This was the first toy that they bought me,” Leslie revealed while clutching her teddy.

She went on to share more details about her adopted parents Mary and John, praising them for taking her in.

“They were just an ordinary working-class couple. Wonderful, wonderful parents. It was a wonderful life they gave me and I became their princess,” she concluded.

Leslie left her teddy bear in the hands of Julie and Amanda at The Repair Shop in the hope that they could restore him to his former glory.

Later in the episode, Leslie returned to the workshop to see the final result of the restoration.

Julie and Amanda revealed the newly repaired teddy bear and Leslie exclaimed: “Oh my gosh!

“Oh he just looks wonderful. Really, really wonderful,” she said, becoming tearful.

She hugged the teddy bear and remarked: “Oh god. It’s lovely. Thank you so much.

“He’s got a new bow. He looks so smart,” she added.

Stunned by the amazing work, Leslie praised Julie and Amanda: “You’re magic!”

Leslie was thrilled when the crafters revealed they had managed to repair the squeaker inside the bear.

Upon hearing the noise, she laughed and commented: “That hasn’t happened for a long time.”

Reflecting on the amazing work conducted by The Repair Shop, Leslie said: “It’s absolutely wonderful what they’ve done to Ted.

“I’m just overwhelmed really. My parents always knew that Ted was my comfort blanket.

“They’d be pleased that he’s now able to come out where everybody can see what a wonderful little bear he is,” she added.

The Repair Shop airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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