The real reason Tomi Lahren called off her engagement

Tomi Lahren, a political commentator for Fox News, has called off her engagement with fiancé Brandon Fricke. According to The Daily Mail, the couple dated for two and a half years. In June 2019, they announced their engagement but they called it off in mid-February 2020.

While the engagement is over, the pair are allegedly still friends and find common ground in their fervent support of Donald Trump, according to The Daily Mail. The couple is remaining active in their political work throughout this time. Fricke is running for Congress as an Independent in California’s 33rd district, an area that includes Beverly Hills, per the outlet.

Because Fricke is running for Congress, he released his financial report in November 2019, revealing that he paid for Lahren’s diamond ring with his Amex card. According to the outlet, Fricke listed the engagement ring in “his congressional candidate financial report as a debt worth up to $50,000.” The Daily Mail clarifies though that the ring could have cost anywhere from $15,001 to $50,000. While this is all surprising news, what happened to make Lahren want out of the engagement? 

Why did Tomi Lahren want out of her engagement?

While conservative spokesperson Tomi Lahren seemed to be ideologically aligned with her fiance, Brandon Fricke, the couple called off their engagement earlier in 2020, according to The Daily Mail.

According to the outlet, “It was a difficult decision for both of them but the right one.” The source added that “Tomi felt she wasn’t ready to settle down and made her feelings known. They still talk to each other all the time and support each other’s career. There’s no hard feelings and [they] definitely hope to stay friends.”

The couple met, according to People, when Fricke sent Lahren a direct message on Instagram after she was publicly criticised by Glenn Beck in 2017. He also asked her out to dinner, but she never responded to his message. However, the couple met nine months later and hit it off.

For better or worse, things have come to an end for the couple, largely because Lahren wasn’t ready to settle down. But the Fox Nation host doesn’t seem to be skipping a beat and just shared a photo to Instagram wearing a shirt with the message: “Freedom over everything,” followed by the hashtags: “BlackGunsMatter.” So it certainly seems like she has other things on her mind.

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