The Pose Finale Had Us in Absolute Shambles

Spoilers ahead.

Pose ended on a fabulous, emotional note last night. After three seasons, the series created by Steven Canals blended love, tragedy, friendship, and survival into one intense conclusion. Let’s get to it.

The episode kicks off with Blanca continuing her work in the hospital, while Pray Tell discovers he has pneumonia again. This time, his doctors have told him his immune system won’t be able to fight it. Pray thinks it’s the end for him; he tells Blanca he wants to finish his panel for the AIDS quilt with her before he goes.

Blanca learns that one of her white patients has been getting better, because he’s part of a medical trial at the hospital. The drug is meant to stop HIV from attacking the rest of a person’s immune system. However, only two out of 80 people in the trial are people of color. After she, Christopher, and Nurse Judy bring up the racist trial process, Christopher is able to get Blanca and Pray Tell slots in the trial.

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