‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Once Had a Terrifying Accident at a Convenience Store

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond enjoys a home-cooked meal, but she also likes to eat a sweet treat. Unfortunately, she once had a huge craving for an apple fritter that ended in disaster. Here’s the story The Pioneer Woman shared about her scary convenience store mishap.

Ree Drummond went on a shopping trip with Ladd Drummond

Drummond recalled the time she and Ladd decided to purchase a few Christmas gifts for their family members a few years ago. They headed into the city so they could make their purchases. They also wanted to spend some alone-time together without being distracted by their children or animals.

The Accidental Country Girl says one of the conversations she had with Ladd was about her workout plans. She recently decided to put together a program so she could get in shape. The plan was to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and start an early workout before the day got away from her. Drummond says she was feeling down about her weight gain, and she wanted to do whatever she could to get back in shape.

Ree Drummond’s accident

Drummond and her husband decided to stop by a convenience store. She really wanted some coffee, so she asked Ladd to pull into a store called QuikTrip. Drummond says the first thing Ladd did was head for the beverage section so he could get a can of his favorite drink, Dr Pepper. (He has a thing for the beverage, and it causes a bit of tension between the couple during Lent.)

Once Drummond got her coffee and headed to the counter, she caught a glimpse of a glass display case full of pastries. One dessert in particular, the apple fritter, was calling her name. However, when she tried to retrieve the fritter, chaos ensued. Drummond pulled the knob on the glass case the wrong way, and the entire display shattered. In her book, Frontier Follies, Drummond says it was as if “a house of glass sitting on a frozen lake had fallen down wall by wall.”

The Pioneer Woman still wanted an apple fritter

Drummond says she as “stunned” and “shocked” after the mishap. She stood in front of the shattered case, still holding the knob, and tempered glass was everywhere. According to her, there were bits of glass on the pastries, the floor, and even her shoe.

Drummond was embarrassed, but the store manager came over to check on her and reassure her. He told her what she did happened before with another customer. The manager’s revelation made her feel better about what happened. Drummond can’t explain why, but she says at one point, she instinctively reached into the broken case and tried to get her apple fritter. Thankfully, the manager told her not to do that since she could get hurt.

The Food Network cook joked about Ladd’s reaction to her accident. She says he gave her a look that seemed to covey she was weird, and he was tired of putting up with her. She says when they got back to the car, he just squeezed her leg and said she was funny. “Poor guy can’t take me anywhere,” joked Drummond.

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