The Midnight Club star told to keep going after on-set injury

The Midnight Club: Netflix release trailer for horror

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Based on the Christopher Pike novel of the same name, The Midnight Club follows a group of terminally ill teenagers living in a hospice. Every night when the clock strikes 12, they gather to swap scary stories which encourages them to investigate the old building they are living in. The Netflix horror remains in the Top 10 of the streaming service’s most-watched shows after being released earlier this month.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Midnight Club.

The Midnight Club’s plot alters in every episode as another character tells their ghost story to the group.

In episode nine, it was Spencer’s (played by William Chris Sumpter) turn to terrify his friends with a tale

His character Ren (Sumpter) buys an old VCR to impress his crush Chris (John C Macdonald), but they discover it can record news broadcasts from the future.

After using it to win some sports bets and helping to save someone’s life, they decide to stop using it, but Ren cannot help himself.

Ren uses the VCR again and as it is recording in the night, a mysterious moment is seen of him strapped in a chair in a medical room when a laser is shot into his eyes.

It was during this particular scene that actor Sumpter hurt himself on set but continued to film anyway.

He told Buzzfeed: “There’s a screw that I, like, started picking at while I was screaming.

“I remember at some point it fell, and I sliced my finger.”

Sumpter continued: “I was bleeding, and I don’t think [the crew and director] noticed because they were like, ‘Keep rolling! Keep rolling! Perfect! Keep screaming.’

“I’m like actually bleeding out on the floor. I saw the result, and I was like, ‘That was amazing.'”

Shortly after this moment, the VCR reveals that Chris is going to die while visiting his mum.

He goes to try and stop this from happening when Chris from the future stops him.

It is later revealed that while he was trying to cure the world of fear and suffering, Chris lost his humanity, and Ren is a “defective” cyborg in the future that he wishes to destroy as it has learned to love.

Ren was seen strapped in a chair as this was a scene from the future where he is the cyborg.

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The story ends with Ren sacrificing himself and his relationship with Chris to make sure that this version of the future doesn’t come true.

There were some happy moments in this episode as Sandra (Annarah Cymone) was able to go home.

She found out that she had significantly fewer intestinal polyps than when she arrived at Brightcliffe.

Meaning, she had been misdiagnosed with terminal lymphoma and was able to say a fond farewell to her friends.

As of yet, the future is looking unclear for The Midnight Club on Netflix.

The streaming service has yet to either renew or cancel the creepy drama for season two.

However, there is a good chance it may not return as previous shows from Flanagan, like Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Blye House, were limited series.

So this may be the case once again for The Midnight Club with just one series.

The Midnight Club is available to watch on Netflix.

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