'The Hills: New Beginnings': Heidi Montag Has Major Regrets From Filming the Show Years Ago

MTV is still known for bringing on the reality TV drama, but we’ll never forget when The Hills really brought in the viewers. The Laguna Beach spin-off series started about a decade ago and brought us into the lives of men and women trying to make it in Los Angeles — and it was on the show that we came to know the infamous Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Heidi and Spencer have been married for 10 years and now have a son together, but back when they were on The Hills, they were known for their epic feud with protagonist Lauren Conrad. The couple seemed to spiral once the show was originally canceled too, as they spent well beyond their means and attempted to keep their fame alive with other reality shows. And it seems Heidi also lives with regrets for what went on during her early years of stardom.

Heidi and Spencer were the biggest ‘villains’ on The Hills

If there’s one thing Heidi and Spencer (lovingly known as “Speidi”) are known for, it’s for being the biggest villains The Hills ever saw. We remember back when Heidi was originally best friends with Lauren Conrad — but once Heidi and Spencer got together, Lauren accused the duo of spreading rumors regarding her and an alleged sex tape she made with an ex. This put an irreparable rift between Heidi and Lauren, and from there, Heidi and Spencer rode the villain wave all the way to the height of their success in 2008.

E! News notes the two of them were earning millions as reality stars, and they were happy to live the high life. Unfortunately, it seems the character versions of themselves completely took over. Heidi was getting multiple plastic surgeries and pursuing a music career that was doomed from the start, and Spencer was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars without care. “My expectation of life and where I thought we were going to be is so different from our reality,” Heidi said. And Spencer said in a different interview, “I feel like the reason why people hated me so much is because they only saw a manufactured couple minutes of me.”

Heidi has regrets regarding how the show affected her relationships with her family


With the amazing rise, serious fall, and eventual evening out of their fame, Heidi and Spencer have had the chance to look back at their tenure on The Hills. And it seems Heidi has deep regrets for how the reality series affected certain aspects of her life. Glamour interviewed Heidi and asked her about her biggest regret — and it appears family is top of mind.

The star had her mother and sister appear on the show, and it drove a huge wedge in their relationship. “There was a lot of pressure to have some extra drama that transitioned into real drama and miscommunication. It took me a few years to really rebuild those relationships with my family,” Heidi mentioned. As for if we’ll see her family on New Beginnings, it’s doubtful her mother or sister will make an appearance, but she did mention she’s involving her 1-year-old son, Gunner. “Having such a good experience creating our family from reality TV, we always thought we would have him on,” she said.

She also regrets getting all of that plastic surgery in one go


Aside from her relationships, Heidi also told Glamour that she deeply regrets how she treated plastic surgery back in the day. During an interview with Paper, Heidi talked to the publication about getting 10 plastic surgeries in one go and how it nearly killed her. “I died for a minute. With that much surgery, I had to have 24-hour nurse care and Spencer didn’t want to leave my side. I was at a recovery center and had Demerol to deal with the pain because it was so extreme,” she said. Glamour notes the work she had done included a breast augmentation, nose job, and ear pinning.

“At the time I was just so impulsive, and I’m hearing like, ‘Oh, over $100,000 worth of surgery for free,’” she told Glamour. “I thought that it would be really quick. I was so young and had so much going on that I didn’t stop and think about it.” Thankfully, she also told Paper that that “rock-bottom moment” helped her make some serious changes in her life — and we doubt she’ll be repeating the same mistakes on The Hills reboot.

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