The Grand Tour's James May reveals stomach-churning moment he was dunked in tank of poo after failing task

THE GRAND Tour host James May has spoken about the stomach-churning moment he was dunked in a tank of poo after failing a task. 

The long-time TV presenter revealed he was relieved that he didn’t get sick afterwards but “wouldn’t recommend it”. 

Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour returns this Christmas with a new special filmed in Madagascar, and cheekily titled A Massive Hunt.

Following on from their travels at sea in Cambodia and Vietnam in 2019, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are thankfully back on dry land for this latest instalment. 

However, it doesn't look as though being on the ground will do them any favours when it comes to avoiding scrapes, poo and painful accidents – especially for Richard Hammond.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about his experience in Africa, James May revealed he was dunked in a vat of poo after failing a task. 

The 57-year-old revealed: “It was worse than garlic under your fingernails that’s for sure, it smelt absolutely appalling.”

He then went on: “…and it took, I mean I did jump in the sea a few times, I jumped in the swimming pool, my apologies to the owners, and I got most of it off fairly quickly, although I got covered in it again. 

“But you’re never quite sure if it’s all gone, that’s the trouble with those things.”

Thankfully James confirmed he hadn’t got ill from the poo bath though, informing The Sun readers: “But I didn’t become ill or anything like that so I must have done a reasonably good job of scrubbing myself up. I wouldn’t recommend it though.”

James’ admission comes as his partner in crime, Richard Hammond, 50, confessed the spats fans see on The Grand Tour are simply for show.

While there may be a little aggro between the trio of Amazon Prime hosts, who have worked together on the show since 2015 and on Top Gear for 13 years previous, he insisted there's no bad blood.

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