The Chase's Mark Labbett shows off 5-stone weight loss after suspected Covid

The Chase star Mark Labbett has shown off his five-stone weight loss as he opened up about his suspected coronavirus battle.

Mark aka The Beast came down with Covid-19 symptoms earlier this year where he said he had ‘the worst fever of my life’.

The 54-year-old has previously opened up about how a series of health worries, including diabetes, had pushed him to lose weight.

Mark, who was given a warning by doctors in December, told how he managed to get his weight from 27 stone to below 23 stone.

Speaking about his loss of appetite and losing his sense of smell, Mark explained: ‘I got suspected Covid at the end of February, and got sent home from work, for the first time in 15 years, on Wednesday 27th. ITV were brilliant and took no chances.

‘Because the testing capacity was so limited then, I never formally got a test but all I can say is that for two weeks I had complete loss of appetite, no sense of smell, a temperature, exhaustion and the worst fever of my life.’

The quizzer went on to add how he got hit with ‘rapid attacks’ during the night where he would wake up shivering.

Speaking about being warned by doctors he added to The Sun: ‘I basically didn’t eat for two weeks but since then the weight has continued to drop off because I have continued to eat sensibly. I knew I had to.’

It comes after The Chaser shared a snap of himself on Instagram where he showed off his weight loss.

Mark posted a mirror selfie where he posed in an old pair of trousers.

He said: ‘Gradually losing the waistline 🙂 #skinnybeast #doubletwoshirts’ has reached out to Mark Labbett’s rep for comment.

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