Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans posts bizarre TikTok showing her topless, drinking and 'smoking' in 'The Swamp'

JENELLE Evans shocked fans when she uploaded a rather odd TikTok video over the weekend showing her topless and drinking.

Jenelle, 28, took to the social media site on Sunday to share a clip which featured a montage of selfie videos with the song 'Renee' by SALES playing in the background.

The clip begins with Jenelle wearing a baggy T-shirt and spectacles looking sad as she rests her chin on her hand.

It then cuts to her reality TV star looking much more cheerful as she lip syncs along to the song whilst stood outside.

Jenelle then appears to be topless as she sips on a can of something before cutting to her smoking and blowing smoke into the air.

The video then cuts back to the brunette looking sad again as she points and sings to the camera, before laying down in bed and gazing out of the window.

However, at the end of the clip she is topless again and grinning as she finishes the song.

Jenelle captioned the post: "We all have good days and bad days. We are all human. Let’s start being nicer to each other  #upsanddowns #life #mentalhealthmatters #youvegotit."

Her bizarre TikTok post comes after she claimed last week that she had "saved" her children from Child Protection Services and MTV.

Jenelle signed over custody of her oldest son Jace, 11, to her mother Barbara after his birth because she was in and out of jail.

In 2018, the controversial reality star was fired from Teen Mom 2 when her husband, David Eason, admitted to shooting and killing the family dog Nugget.

Children Protective Services responded by removing their daughter Ensley, three, her son Kaiser, six, with ex Nathan Griffith, and his daughter Maryssa, 12, from a previous relationship, from their care.

Her response about saving her kids came after she continued to post about the child trafficking campaign, #SaveTheChildren, and one fan commented: "Save your own damn children."

Jenelle's kids were returned to her a month later after a series of court hearings.

But the custody drama didn’t end there, as Nathan filed for full custody of Kaiser after accusing David of abuse against their son, court papers claimed.

Though the custody battle remains ongoing today, Jenelle insisted they are determining custody in mediation.

But her TikTok followers couldn't resist mentioning her children as they took to the comments section of her latest video.

"Leave David and do better for those kids. That's what's most important!!!" one person wrote.

A second added: "Change starts within. If you and David started being nice and respectful of others and stop playing victim that is when you will see change."

A third person defended Jenelle and wrote: "Damn right you got it girl. Keep pushing forget everyone's negativity."

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