Teen Mom fans slam Chelsea Houska’s interior design as ‘tacky’ as she shows off decor in ‘ugly’ farmhouse

TEEN Mom fans criticized show alum Chelsea Houska’s new home decorations, calling them "tacky."

The mom-of-four often posts about her farmhouse, which followers have often slammed as "ugly."

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Redditors commented on Chelsea's Instagram post showing feathers arranged in a copper vase sitting next to a candle atop a stool writing: "My god she's always been tacky, but this is just getting embarrassing."

Another commented: "I like the little wooden candle stool thing. I have a small trailing plant that could do with one of those haha. I hate those fluffy pampas grass things tho, having stuff like that in my kitchen that could shed onto my food makes me feel a bit."

Others shared: "I bet her house is full of cute non functional s**t."

Another fan wrote: "Seeing Chelsea’s crap makes me realize what a minimalist I am. Why does your candle need a chair? I sneezed just looking at this picture thinking of how dusty those feathers will get."

Others added: "Definitely agree. Over the last year I've gotten rid of so much excess, it feels so much better to not have clutter even if it's supposed to be decor. Not every inch of the house has to be covered for it to feel homey and comfortable

Some shared: "I thought it looked quite cluttered with random decorations in the background."

Other Redditors wrote: "That looks like it belongs in the Beetlejuice living room with all the weird sculptures."

Another questioned: "Is that a candle? Fire hazard with all those feathers around."

One fan adde: "Ladder to nowhere. Looks stupid."

Since moving into the modern farmhouse, Chelsea has received heavy backlash over many of her design choices.

Many have slammed her for spending excessive money on items that have been labeled "ugly" or "boring."

The MTV star has chosen to go with a minimalist animal print theme throughout the entire dwelling, and many have disagreed with her choices and called them "plain."

Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, were married in 2016, and have since welcomed Watson, four, Layne, two, and Walker June, two months.

The Teen Mom alum also has daughter Aubrey from her previous relationship with, Adam Lind.

Chelsea and Cole recently showed off the new black steel stair railings in the entrance floor and basement.

Some critics were "worried" that their kids would be able to climb over the railings.

"How can you childproof? Love the look but worried it would be tempting to climb," one fan wrote.

"I’ve heard of little kids climbing them!" another added.

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