Teen Mom fans go wild after beefed-up Tyler Baltierra stars in new Sik World music video They Don't Even Know

TEEN Mom fans went wild after a beefed-up Tyler Baltierra starred in a new Sik World music video, They Don't Even Know.

The MTV star shocked his followers when he posted the video to his Instagram feed in which the father-of-three played a starring role.

Tyler, 29, showcased his acting chops in the beginning of the music video while he was questioning a patently troubled Sik World – real name Jonathan Quiles – for leaving a party early.

The camera then cuts to the Teen Mom OG star again, as he sits alone in a bedroom attempting to call his friend, appearing concerned.

Tyler captioned the post: "Honored to be a part of my brother @sikworld music video for his new single “They Don’t Even Know” I know a lot of people can relate to this one. Go check it out! 🤘🏻🔥"

Fans flooded the comments with fire emojis and praise for the unexpected collaboration.

The hip-hop artist also thanked the reality star for his cameo responding: "thanks for being in the video, life is better when you do your passion with your best friends! love you man. links in my bio for those who wanna see 🙂 🖤"

The TV personality showed off his leaner figure in the music video, which he has been documenting on social media over the last few weeks.

Earlier this week, Tyler boasted about his fitness transformation with a side by side photo showcasing his weight loss journey.

Tyler posted the photo highlighting his four pound weight loss, revealing he has another 10 pounds to lose.

He captioned the post: "201>197 Almost diced 10 more lbs"

He continued: "Almost done cutting up! Then back to a lean bulk, which I already can't wait for! Thanks for helping me out @torrez_training_ @torrez_jerry08"

Tyler told fans he’s been focused on his health and fitness for the past year and is ecstatic with the results he’s seen so far.

He shared a shirtless mirror selfie to show what he looked like when he first began in 2020, at around 165lbs.

The Teen Mom star's goal was to bring his body fat percentage down and his muscle weight up.

After “year 1 down,” he’s now at 199lbs and flaunted his gains in another shirtless photo, this time of him hanging out by the pool in a pair of tiny black shorts.

He told fans in the caption: “My goal was to gain as much muscle mass as I could with the least amount of fat as possible. 

“I’m not exactly where I want to be yet, but I have to remind myself to appreciate the journey & acknowledge where I started from. 

“I can’t wait to see what year 2 looks like!”

Tyler added that his “only competition” is himself on this fitness journey.

In the comments, followers lusted over the reality star’s new, stronger frame.

“Bigger bod is best,” one wrote, while others said: “hot dad alert!” and “You are so freaking hot.”

Many commented on the way his butt looked in his tight shorts after a year of working out hard.

One fan noted: “Look at the [cake] thoooo lol.”

A second wrote: “I dont usually comment on other women's men but…….. damnboy”

Another lustful follower commented: “Your cake got bigger – I’m sure Cate is enjoying that @tylerbaltierramtv @catelynnmtv”

His pregnant wife, Catelynn, jumped in to say that she most definitely has been loving and enjoying his stronger body.

She commented: “Congratulations baby!! I admire your hard work and dedication."

Teasingly, Tyler responded: “Oh trust me girl, I know you do lmao!”

Catelynn replied right back: “that I do boi.”

The high school sweethearts are expecting their third child this summer.

They are also the biological parents of their 12-year-old daughter, Carly, who they placed for an open adoption in 2009.

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