Teen Mom Briana DeJesus claims daughter Nova, 9, cried 'my dad forgot about me' while Devoin says it 'wasn't a big deal'

BRIANA DeJesus' daughter Nova cried that her father "forgot" about her, inciting rage in Devoin who claimed it "wasn't a big deal."

The Teen Mom 2 star has been butting heads with her baby daddies of late as she constantly battles with them over parenting responsibilities.

Briana, 26, expressed her complaints in a teaser for the newest episode of the MTV show, when she revealed a hard moment for her daughter Nova, nine.

"Nova walks in, she's all sad and hysterical. She's just like 'my dad forgot about me,'" the reality star shared in a conversation with her mom and sister.

The trailer then switched to a clip of Devoin, 28, sitting in a stairwell on the phone ranting: "It ain't that big of a f**king deal."

This was not the first conflict Briana has faced with the fathers of her kids, after years of battling with both Devoin and Stella's dad Luis Hernandez.

In last week's episode Briana broke down in tears over Stella, three, who has little to no relationship with her father.

The TV personality admitted feeling "guilty" that her ex has been in and out of her daughter's life, and has not been a solid father figure.

Luis planned a day outing with Briana and their daughter, only to bail out and give an excuse hours after the fact.

In season 10 of the show she contracted an STD from the DJ and admitted she'll "never forgive" him for giving her "the clap" and for "ditching" Stella.

In a conversation with Celeb Magazine she explained: "I cut ties with him and, rather than him continue to come around for his daughter, he decided to take the fact that I wouldn’t be with him after he screwed me over like this out on Stella.

"He’s just pulled his usual ‘gone missing’ card all because his dumb a** gave me an STD, I confronted him about it, and cut him off.

"He stopped coming around to see her completely and he doesn’t even call to check in on her. I’m not innocent here. Obviously, I own the fact that I slept with him," she reasoned.

“But what sucks more is that he gave Stella (and me) an ounce of hope he could actually be a father figure in her life, only to sweep that away the second I wouldn’t be with him for the long term."

Briana has struggled tirelessly with both Devoin and Luis over the financial aspect of co-parenting.

She recently revealed that she's been going through a "crisis" as she nears her 27th birthday.

"I’m turning 27 in a few weeks and I feel like I’m going through a crisis," she wrote on social media alongside crying emojis.

The mother of two also complained that Nova's father has been doing the "bare minimum" in regards to their daughter.

"All I was asking was for 250 a month each for their kid so I can use it towards gymnastics bill and daycare.

"I haven’t asked for anything else," she alleged.

However, a source exclusively told The Sun that Devoin pays for half of Nova's bills, despite Briana's claims that he "doesn't pay enough attention."

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