Teen Mom Amber Portwood on track to successfully complete probation two years after domestic violence arrest

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood is on track to successfully completing her probation two years after her domestic violence arrest. 

Amber, 31, was arrested in July 2019 for domestic violence against her then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. 

Amber accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 906 days probation in October 2019. 

The Sun can exclusively reveal Amber is “in compliance” with her probation as of a September 9, 2021 court hearing with "no future court dates needed.”

The conditions of Amber’s probation included parenting classes, psychological/mental health evaluation/treatment, substance abuse evaluation, random urine and/or breath testing, and more terms. 


Amber was arrested on July 5 after Andrew accused her of hitting him with a shoe while he held their 3-year-old son James, who was one years old at the time, during a fight.

He claimed she tried to break down a door with a machete, as he and James were locked inside to protect themselves from Amber.

After the arrest, Andrew filed for emergency full and legal custody of James.

As part of their court agreement, Andrew has primary custody of James, while they share joint legal custody.

Amber has three unsupervised visits a week with their son.


In February, Amber requested overnight visitation with James, as she claimed there has been a “change in circumstances” that “warrant” an adjustment to their custody agreement. 

She claimed that according to Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, parenting time is increased to include overnights when the child turns 3.

Amber claimed it is in the “best interest” of James that “the current parenting time be modified to include overnight parenting time.”

A judge ruled on Amber’s request by ordering the two to resolve their parenting issues out of court and in mediation within 60 days of the order. 

The mediation that took place on May 24 was “unsuccessful.” 

In August, Andrew implied Amber hit their son, as he posted on his Instagram Story: “You hit your baby boy?… Really?!”

Amber requested Andrew be held in contempt of court, which means he could face jail time or a fine, for making the cryptic post and demanded primary custody of James. 

The court papers claimed: “On or about August 25, 2021, Mother informed Father that the parties’ child had a spot on the inside of the lip that appeared to Mother as a canker sore or cold sore. Mother took pictures and sent it to Father. 

"Father posted a statement on social media accusing Mother of hitting the parties’ child, and then subsequently deleted the post… screenshots of his post were made public.”

She claimed his statements “directly violate the provisions of the Mediated Agreement adopted on October 23, 2019 and the provisions of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.”

The mom of two alleged his statements are “false and defamatory” and were specifically made to “harm Mother and her reputation.”


Amber is also mom to daughter Leah, 12, with ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

Leah refuses to see or speak to Amber on the current season of Teen Mom OG, as she believes her mother has been inconsistent in her life. 

Amber previously told The Sun in August that she has reconciled with Gary and his wife Kristina after she accused them of not helping her relationship with Leah, as she has seen her daughter as well. 

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