Tawny Kitaen 'was ready to tell all about stars in memoir' & believed people 'would want her DEAD' if book were released

TAWNY Kitaen was "ready to tell all" in a memoir she was writing before her tragic, sudden death earlier this month.

But in an exclusive interview, her ghost author chillingly told The Sun that she feared some people would rather see her dead than have her book be published. 

The model and actress, who starred opposite Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party, had lived a fast life among Hollywood's A-list crowd, and was chronicling her life's adventures when she died.

The Sun spoke exclusively with Tawny's ghostwriter Colin D. Heaton, who alleged the actress had less than favorable things to say about some of Hollywood's biggest names.

In one shocking anecdote, Tawny allegedly told the writer about a frightening incident in the mid-80s with Van Halen rocker David Lee Roth.

Colin said: "Tawny, Peter- her boyfriend who was Van Halen's road manager- and David were in the Bahamas, and David said let me see your purse."

"She didn't know why he had taken her purse. They went through customs and they searched him and she walked right through, they didn't even search her."

Once they boarded the plane, Tawny told Colin she realized what had happened.

Colin said: "They get on the plane and he said 'Let me see your purse and he pulls out a bag of cocaine.

"She said it was like a ziplock bag… I would say it was probably around four to six ounces, which is big jail time!"

Tawny also allegedly claimed that David had palimony insurance to safeguard him against any paternity claims in the event he impregnated any women during his trysts.

The model also had a close relationship to OJ Simpson, her writer claimed.

She told Colin that she had spoken to the former football star after his trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, for which he was acquitted.

Despite OJ's legal victory, Tawny said she she believed OJ had killed the pair, and that he had all but confessed to her.

However, Heaton shares: "Setting aside murder, she held OJ in higher esteem than David Lee Roth."

In a conversation between Tawny and Colin just months before her death, she allegedly revealed her biggest fear over the book's eventual release.

He told The Sun: "She called me in March and said, 'A lot of people would rather see me dead than have this book come out.'"

Tawny passed away suddenly last week at 59.

The Orange County Coroner told The Sun that Tawny's autopsy report won't be finalized for some time.

While the book was very much in its early stages, Colin said they were playing with ideas for titles.

"We had three or four working titles, well we had really a dozen of them.

"A Life on the Edge, that was one of the ones she liked. Life in the Fast Lane was another, she came up with both of them."

Despite her early career success, Tawny had her share of low moments.

Her marriage to Whitesnake's lead singer, David Coverdale, ended after just two years.

Tawny had two daughters with her second husband, baseball star Chuck Finley, whom she wed in 1997.

She reportedly entered a domestic violence counseling program as part of a plea deal after Chuck alleged that she kicked him in the face with her high heels.

He filed for divorce, with the marriage officially ending in 2002.

Her entertainment career saw her act in the likes of Witchboard, White Hot, Dead Tides and in a Seinfeld episode, The One With The Nose Job.

Tawny also appeared in reality TV shows, such as The Surreal Life, Botched and VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew.

It was while on Celebrity Rehab that Tawny revealed her battle with substance abuse, and run-ins with the law.

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