Susanna Reids face says it all – Moment she cringes at PMs answer in painful interview

Susanna Reid grills Boris Johnson on Cost of Living

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Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid sat down with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday morning to discuss the current issues surrounding the Ukraine crisis, Partygate and the rise in the cost of living. Whilst touching on how people are struggling with the cost of living going up and not being able to live steady lives, Reid asked whether Johnson was “in touch” with the public.

When trying to introduce the topic of the cost of living, Johnson continued to speak about the Ukrainian crisis, however, Reid didn’t back down from the topic.

She explained: “The biggest issue for people is not Ukraine.

“The biggest issue for people right now is how they can possibly afford to pay their bills, and they wonder, are you in touch with what they’re experiencing?

“Food prices are rising, going to be the biggest in a decade, energy bills are rising, and they’re going to rise again in October.

“Petrol costs are rising, taxes are rising, food bank fees are rising. The number of people in poverty is rising.

“The number of children in poverty is rising. This is on your watch Prime Minister, and we’re doing everything we can to help with the pressures on family budgets.”

Johnson responded: “I totally understand and get what people are against, and it is important to set the global context this is a spike in energy prices. You mentioned food cost of chickens is crazy.

“This is all being driven by the cost of the inputs, mainly fuel, and that is been has been greatly exacerbated by every single problem you’ve said.”

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