Susanna Reid recreates When Harry Met Sally's iconic orgasm scene

Susanna Reid was left screaming with joy over news of the Covid vaccine – and recreated the iconic When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene in celebration.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was discussing the news that pharmaceutical company Pfizer, who develop sexual enhancement drug viagra, had created a potential vaccine for coronavirus with a 90% effectiveness rate.

In honour of the company’s most popular drug, many newspapers had run a celebration with the words ‘Yes. Yes. Yes!’

Susanna jested that it ‘all came together marvellously’ before Piers Morgan suggested they bring up the iconic scene from When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a cafe.

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Instead of waiting for the clips, Susanna recreated the scene herself, slamming her hands on the table and yelling in joy, shocking Piers.

‘Oh Blimey! Are you alright Susanna?’ Piers smirked, to which she said she was ‘very excited’ by the news.

We’ll have what she’s having.

While the news is a major breakthrough and sign of hope for those trapped in lockdown, Dr Hilary later appeared on the show to say there are still things to get through before the vaccine can be rolled out.

He explained: ‘It’s terrific news, it’s absolutely wonderful, it’s the news that everyone’s been waiting for – the best Christmas present that anybody could hope for, really. 

‘However, it’s not Armistice Day. It’s not all over. and the worst thing that could happen is people start celebrating prematurely, and carrying on as if we’re not still in the middle of a second wave of a pandemic. 

‘That will be a huge mistake and that would result in lots more deaths.’ 

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