Supernanny Jo Frost calls out controlling mum after catching her spying on her

Jo Frost has a rude awakening for a set of parents after catching an overbearing mum watching her on CCTV footage during the latest episode of Supernanny US.

Crystal Tobeck and Jeff Lawrence bring in the child-rearing expert for help over their new blended home, with their children Keenan and Delaney struggling to adjust to their new lives.

But Jo is far from happy when she realises mum Crystal has installed security cameras in her childrens’ bedrooms as a means to keep tabs on them.

In a clip exclusive to, it turns out even Jo wasn’t safe from the snoopy mum, with Crystal caught red-handed checking on the footage of Jo trying to talk to the kids in confidence.

Confronting the couple over the dinner table, Jo lays down the law and said: ‘Your need for control, Crystal, is stifling.

‘The surveillance cameras in the bedrooms? I mean, they don’t even have them in cells in prisons.

‘You have surveillance cameras in their bedrooms! It doesn’t get any more invasive than that.’

‘Even I went down to have a private conversation with the children, and you actually took it upon yourself to spy on me,’ she said.

‘As a professional, you invaded my space, and my privacy.’

Crystal sits quietly as she’s scalded by the pro, and then admitted: ‘It was ridiculous anyway, because I’d heard all of that.’

Jo then urges her to reach out to the kids on a more personal level, insisting she would get to know them more if she just spoke to them.

It’s now up to Jo to help the Jeff and Crystal find harmony among their household as they set up a life together.

So far this series, she’s managed to change the ways of a family who spent $4000 a month on takeaways, while helping another grieve the loss of their miscarried child.

Will she be able to save these guys too?

Supernanny USA airs Mondays at 9pm on E4.

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