Strictly shock dumping left me very down and show was difficult, says Nina Wadia

STRICTLY Come Dancing star Nina Wadia has said her shock dumping from the show was 'difficult' and left her 'very down'

The EastEnders star, 52, who was the first celeb to get booted off the show has opened up about how she felt being the first celeb to get axed in week two.

Nina is still reeling after being eliminated from Strictly after losing the dance off to Katie McGlynn.

She said: "Coming out of strictly was a big shock because: A, I wasn’t expecting it to happen the way it happened, and it happened very quickly and it was all very surreal for me and when I came out I was very down. 

"My mental health, I’ve got to tell, I was down. That was from a lot of different feelings.

"There was a feeling of embarrassment coming-out  as early as I did, there was a feeling of did I let people down, did I let myself down."

Speaking to The Lads Dads and a Couple of Beers podcast, she said: "All these questions going on in my head and then the people reaction at the back of it, to say well no.. you shouldn’t have come out you were robbed, and I'm like I needed that!

I needed that kind of almost validation to think I wasn’t going crazy, I didn’t think I as that bad! then you realise ok hang on, I need to separate a reality show from what is actually real life. Reality shows are so the opposite of reality."

Meanwhile Nina slammed Strictly Come Dancing for the 'shocking and horrible' judges’ scoring that saw her eliminated.

Nina said she was stunned when, during the same show, Craig Revel Horwood gave double the points to Loose Women star Judi Love, despite saying her dancing was “a technical disaster."

She said: “If you have a competition, have a level playing field. Give everybody a chance, or if not that, then at least mark accordingly.

“You can’t give someone like me a three when I’ve tried so hard and tried something so technically difficult, then at the same time give someone else who’s had a bit of a mistake a seven just because they looked good doing it.

“I don’t understand the marking system at all. I don’t think the marking system makes any sense. I thought, ‘OK, this is only week two, you know, you make a little mistake, you’re only human’.

“The way it was marked down, it was shocking, actually shocking.

“It’s such an odd experience where you get thrown into a world you’re not used to, with the make-up and hair and clothes and the over-the-top stuff.

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