Stephen in Corrie sees red and murders his drug dealer in angry showdown?

When Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) got his hands on a vial of LSD in Coronation Street recently it gave him the idea for a Cunning Plan.

With Carla (Alison King) having humiliated him once too often, Stephen decided it would be a good idea to start dosing her with LSD – leading people to think she was once more suffering from the psychosis that engulfed her after the factory roof collapse that claimed the life of Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia).

But once his initial supply, which he took from business contact Rufus, has run out Stephen has to get a fresh supply if his plan is to succeed. Which means he’s got to source the drug from the street.

Or rather, the precinct, because that’s where Weatherfield’s undesirables hang out these days.


Carla tells Stephen he isn’t allowed to deal with American clients Nippersnapper again after he messes up a presentation due to having mistakenly dosed himself with LSD instead of her. Seething he heads for the precinct to top up his supply of the drug.

Unfortunately he may not be as streetwise (or precinct-wise) as he’d like to believe and the two boys he meets take his money and laugh in his face.

Obviously they have no idea that they’re dealing with a man who has no qualms about smashing someone over the head and disposing of the body. Stephen sees red – but how far will he go?

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