Stacey Solomon horrified at Photoshopped snaps of Nicki Minaj's newborn baby

STACEY Solomon was horrified by a Photoshopped picture of Nicki Minaj's baby on Loose Women today.

A fan of the US singing star edited the child to have a smaller nose and forehead and slimmed-down cheeks.

They were posted on the message boards of the website Reddit where they provoked widespread anger.

Newly-enaged Stacey, 31, gasped when she saw the snaps today and was asked if it was acceptable to digitally edit pictures of a child.

She boggled: "I can't. Why would you want to? Why would anyone want to do that?

"I don't speak for every person who's ever had a baby but honestly, I could have given birth to Quasimodo and I would have thought they were the most beautiful babies in the world.

"I have never looked at my children in my life and thought 'oooh, that nose.'"

Back in October, The Sun confirmed that Nicki had given birth to her first child with husband Kenneth Petty.

The rapper shared the first snaps of her three-month old earlier this week on Instagram.

But one ‘fan’ caused outrage after sharing an edited version of the tot, deliberately giving him a “slimmer” appearance.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Growing up is hard enough. I'm eternally grateful that I did it before Photoshop.”

Another unhappy fan wrote, “Noooo this baby is so beautiful why would they even do that?”

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