Stacey Solomon buys son Rex gets his very own dog bed after 'stealing' pet Theo's

Stacey Solomon has given her son Rex his very own dog bed after he kept sleeping in their pet Theo's.

The 30-year-old shared the adorable moment Rex and Theo both watched TV from their dog beds as she relaxed with a glass of coke.

She bought Rex the unusual gift after he grew fond of taking naps in the dog bed downstairs.

Stacey had previously shared a very sweet snap of Rex and Theo cuddled up together sleeping inside it.

Sharing with fans that boyfriend Joe Swash bought Rex his own, Stacey said: "Joe bought the pickle his very own dog bed and it's safe to say he absolutely loves it.

"Him and Theo are settling down for the evening with Nemo."

The family were watching Pixar classic Finding Nemo as they enjoyed a relaxed Friday evening.

Earlier this week, Stacey hit back at trolls who have said she should be "ashamed" of Rex's "filthy" clothes.

She opened up about what it's like to deal with nasty comments from mum-shamers online on her Instagram story.

The telly favourite's comment came after she joined forces with C&G baby club to support their latest campaign Love Don't Judge.

She said: "I feel like we get judged all of the time as parents.

"Only yesterday someone was telling me how filthy Rex's clothes are and that I should be ashamed.

"I laugh but sometimes it can make you feel really alone and that you're doing a rubbish job.

"So basically they're just encouraging people to share their judgements and their stories so that they don feel alone and realise that we're all in this together and we've got each others backs."

She added: "Don't be so hard on yourself, honestly if it makes you feel any better, Rex has eaten his own poo before."

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