Spoilers: Amy is terrified over sex offender showdown in Corrie

It wasn’t long ago that Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) was hospitalised on Coronation Street after her drink was spiked.

Viewers know that the culprit was Max Turner (Paddy Bever), who wasn’t targeting Amy but had meant the drug for Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard). But as far as Amy’s concerned, the culprit is still out there somewhere.

It’s clear that the incident has had a lasting impact on her, though. In an upcoming episode she gets spooked when a lad keeps giving her admiring glances while she’s out with Asha (Tanisha Gorey).

Believing that he might have been the one who spiked her drink, she throws her coffee over him – presumably rather than risk drinking it herself – and becomes totally distraught at the idea that he could be the one who put her in hospital previously.

This all comes as Daniel is putting pressure on Max to tell Amy that it was him who drugged her drink.

Max thinks that Daniel is bluffing, but in the wake of this distressing incident for Amy will an already guilty Max be able to keep quiet about what he did?

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