‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Hooks $185M 6-Day Opening Records For Sony & Independence Day Holiday Stretch

EARLY SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Sony is calling the 6-day opening of Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home at $185M which reps a record for a 6-day Independence Day launch and the Culver City studio’s best opening over that number of days. Both records were previously held by Sony’s 2004 Spider-Man 2 which made $180M over the July 4th 6-day stretch. Industry estimates for Far From Home are around $184.5M at 4,634 theaters, still excellent. 10-day global for Far From Home is an amazing $580M. By the way, remember we said Far From Home would get to at least $170M when it hit tracking? The possibility of of that comes from other beloved mega franchises like Transformers, Spider-Man and Despicable Me‘s July 4th box office history and the halo effect from Avengers: Endgame. Those were self-fulfilling prophecies here for Far From Home.

Sony will be reporting their official box office Sunday AM estimates soon.

Far From Home posted its second best day yesterday during the course of its run with $34M after Tuesday’s opening record of $39.2M. Saturday was 5% up from Friday’s $32.5M. Far From Home‘s 3-day is at $93.1M which in terms of FSS that played around the July 4th holiday is the second-best behind 2011’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon with $97.8M.

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The other title to brave the shadows of Far From Home was A24’s Midsommer, the second feature directed by Ari Aster. The pic made $6.5M in 6th place over the last 3 days and $10.9M since its Wednesday opening. Though a few nickels ahead of tracking it’s not a mindblowing opening for a pic that cost under $10M. Trailers were fiercely cool and original–a break-up story set against the upside down world of a gross Swedish Midsummer festival. A24 employed largely a social and digital media push, but RelishMix wasn’t impressed with the 33M+ social media universe count across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Other horror films have reached an SMU of 82.1M. The pic is more suspense than horror, but was clearly sold as a horror film. Nonetheless as is typical with arthouse-horror hybrids, it’s a divide between genre-philes and critics, the latter who embraced the film at 82% fresh and the former who dismissed it with a C+ CinemaScore. Aster’s Hereditary without a July 4th holiday did better with $17.2M and it also wasn’t a film that critics and audiences saw eye-to-eye with respective grades of 89% certified fresh on RT and a D+ CinemaScore. Many argue that the cinema needs original movies; that’s what the box office needs. Well, Midsommar was one, but it was challenged by a horror sequel in the market, Annabelle 3 which made $9.7M in weekend 2 (and a great -52% hold, and $50.1M 12-day tally), plus the Aster pic has a 2 hour 27 minute running time.


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