Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Admits She 'Did Act Crazy' While Dating Ex Thomas Ravenel During Apology to Danni Baird

Kathryn Dennis appears to be seeing the error of her ways.

After weeks of tension following a heated confrontation during a girls’ trip, Dennis and longtime friend Danni Baird finally sit down to clear the air on this week’s episode of Southern Charm.

But before they’re able to make peace, Chelsea Meissner helps Dennis understand where Baird was coming from when she accused her of “self-sabotaging.”

“Coming at me in front of all the girls was unfair to me,” Dennis, 26, says as to why she was upset. “She had never said those things to me. That’s disappointing.”

“I think she’s just protective of you,” replies Meissner, 34. “Y’all are so close for so many years. It’s bound that something’s going to come up. I feel like it’s hard these days to find people that you feel like you can trust.”

Dennis admits she has regrets about how she handled the situation.

“The thing I regret most about that night is not having brought up the way that I felt to Danni sooner,” she says. “Danni and I are much better friends than this.”

“We’ve been best friends for six years,” she adds. “She means so much to me in my life and I’ve lost a lot of that.”

When the two women finally come face-to-face at Patricia Altschul’s dinner party, Dennis doesn’t waste any time in asking Baird to talk.

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen at first,” Dennis tells Baird. “I’ve had time to think and reflect. When I realized that you raised some red flags I’m like, ‘What is happening here?’ “

Baird says she was shocked when Dennis assumed she was coming from a negative place rather than a place of love during their girls’ trip discussion. She says she was especially hurt when Dennis told her to “f— off” during an exchange a few days after their return.

“You can’t go there all the time,” she says. “That really hurt.”

“At the trip, you brought up a few things that felt like baggage being put on the table,” explains Dennis. “I just snapped.”

Dennis says the conversations triggered insecurities that she’s still working to overcome after her relationship with ex Thomas Ravenel, with whom she shares daughter Kensie, 5, and son Saint, 3.

“I’m used to people talking s— about me,” she says. “Thinking I’m wrong, thinking all this bulls—, because I was with someone who made me act — or not made me — I did act crazy. Also, I went to rehab and lost my kids for three years.”

“But Danni shouldn’t have been the target of that,” she adds.

The two women finally reconcile and agree to move on.

“I’m sorry, you know I love you,” says Dennis.

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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