Sorry, But the New Season of 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Already Doomed

When Grey’s Anatomy returns on September 26, the show has a lot to tackle. I mean, the season’s tagline is literally “where do we go from here?” That’s a pretty good question, ABC! Not only is Meredith potentially behind bars for insurance fraud, but a bunch of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s most essential surgeons have been fired—and that’s just scratching the surface. Given that this show is about to enter its 16th season, there are bound to be plenty of ups and downs (and drama) along the way, but have we finally reached the point where enough is enough?

TBH, Season 16 is already doomed, based on what we know about the new episodes so far. Of course, this is literally Grey’s we’re talking about, so even if it’s bonkers, everyone’s going to follow Meredith’s adventures until she inevitably dies from a freak hospital-related accident…even if that’s 20 seasons from now. (It’s going to happen.) Still, whatever Shonda Rhimes has in store for the season ahead needs to be enough to dig almost everyone out of the hole they’re currently in. Trust, season 16 is going to be a lot. Here’s why.

Meredith’s future is NOT lookin’ good.

After DeLuca took the fall for her and turned himself in for the insurance fraud Meredith committed to get coverage for a patient seeking asylum, she couldn’t let him sit in jail for a crime she was responsible for. This makes sense. Just like Meredith didn’t want DeLuca to do time for her, she also felt she had no choice in letting a child go without the care she desperately needed.

After the season 15 finale, fans had no idea if Meredith had been locked up, or for how long. Although, thanks to this trailer, we do know she’s out and doing community service.

Meredith has three kids at home, and this scandal could definitely end her career. She managed to bounce back from tampering with Derek’s clinical trial many seasons ago, but this is way more intense. Somehow, Grey’s Anatomy is going to have to find a way for Meredith to bounce back without justifying insurance fraud. Uh…good luck.

Three of the most important doctors have already been fired.

At the end of the season, Meredith, Alex, and Richard were all fired. It’s all because of Meredith’s insurance fraud, because Alex and Richard’s plan truly backfired when they tried to help.

This means three of the four doctors who have been on the show since the first season no longer work at the hospital. Do fans even want to watch a show where Richard, Alex, and Meredith aren’t working at Grey Sloan Memorial? Would it essentially become the Miranda Bailey show? Actually, that might not be so bad…

There are so many cliffhangers to address.

There are so many loose ends that need to be tied up this season. Owen and Teddy are starting a relationship, Jo entered treatment for her depression, Meredith is facing the repercussions of her criminal activity, Alex and Richard are unemployed, and Jackson is just…out in the fog somewhere while Maggie waits in the car.

Obviously, this stuff needs to be wrapped up, and there’s so much going on that it could make this season feel a bit less fresh. In a show that’s been going for 16 seasons, that’s understandable, but are we going to keep rehashing the same drama? This is supposed to be season 16, not season 15 2.0. Meredith Grey deserves better!

Every couple is doomed, according to the showrunner herself

In an interview with E! News, Krista Vernoff said that no couple is safe. Yup, that would even include the ones who ended things on a high note, like Owen and Teddy and Amelia and Link.

“When you guys have the question, ‘should we be worried?,’ My answer is yes across the board,” Vernoff told the site. “Anyone who’s thinking they can come in knowing what couples are solid or safe, or what to expect, should be a little worried.”

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see where Grey’s picks off after such an eventful finale, and hopefully, Season 16 will give the show the revival it needs. But honestly, even if it doesn’t, how are we supposed to stop watching? Almost two decades in, there’s no quitting now.

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