Sir Mick Jagger wanted a pension as he feared music career wouldn’t last, ex-accountant claims – The Sun

SIR Mick Jagger wanted a pension because he never thought his career would last into his sixties, according to his former accountant.

The Rolling Stones frontman, 76, who is currently on tour in North America with the rockers, is worth over £290million.

But before the group started making proper money, Laurence Myers – who managed the Stones’ books and looked after acts including Led Zeppelin and David Bowie before becoming a film producer– admitted Mick was thinking up a retirement plan.

Laurence, 83, said: “The Rolling Stones had early success but they weren’t making any money.

"I did their 1964 tour accounts and they made nothing from it. One day Mick and I were talking about a variety of things and pensions came up.

“He said, ‘Pensions, maybe I should think about it? I won’t be singing Rock ‘n’ Roll when I’m sixty.’

“Who knew back then what we know now?”

Laurence, who was speaking at the launch of his autobiography, Hunky Dory (Who Knew?), also recalled spending time with late Beatles legend John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, 86, who were struggling to cope living in a house with rooms.

He said: “John discussed the problems he was having renovating a Georgian mansion near Ascot.

“The house was Grade II listed and he could not get the permissions he needed to make sweeping changes, including removing most of the walls.

“He told us: ‘I can’t see the point of having separate rooms to sleep in, eat in, f**k in and p**s in.’”

Laurence also revealed late British pop icon Adam Faith was the “most egotistical, difficult man” he’d worked with.

He explained: “There was a Royal premiere. He refused to stand and shake Princess Margaret’s hand.

"It was just his ego. He said, ‘If she wants to meet me, she can come to my dressing room.’ Then he wrote a note and said he had toothache so it was cancelled.

“He called Dustin Hoffman, Sting and David Bowie c**ks.”

The music mogul, whose latest film Judy was released this week, also mocked Simon Cowell and said he disliked the notion of “fast stars”.

Laurence said: “That bloody Simon Cowell. He tried to get wrestlers to make records. Idiot!

“It’s part bitterness and envy. But now you have instant stars. Old stars grafted.

“Now you have to have a mother who’s preferably got cancer and a brother who is disabled, a good back story, and you win. And I resent it.”

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