Sheridan Smith fans brand ITVs No Return waste of time as they slam ending

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ITV's No Return has gathered a lot of attention after the four-part series aired – but many fans have been left torn.

The storyline focuses on a family who have spent time together at an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey, but Kathy (Sheridan Smith) and Martin (Michael Jibson) see their son Noah (Louis George Serkis) taken away in handcuffs.

The teen was accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy and, by the end of the series, the judge stated that Noah had "taken his desires too far" but the exchange was "almost certainly consensual".

Noah was ultimately hit with a three-year suspended sentence due to the boy's age and he was allowed to fly home – but fans were unimpressed.

Although Noah being able to return home should have been a happy experience, fans were left fuming and spotted multiple issues.

Some viewers have even begged that the show doesn't return for another series.

Sharing their thoughts online, one user wrote on Twitter: "So much to be resolved. We needed another episode."

While another added: "Still so many questions left and that wasn't a happy ending."

A third person said: "What a f***ing s**t ending. Too much crammed into the last episode. Looked like they ran out of ideas for the story."

Another person said: "Hopefully "no return" means exactly that and we won't be getting an even more ridiculous second series."

One viewer also pointed out that there is a major setback for Noah's life forever, despite not going to prison.

They wrote: "Wasn't the greatest drama, but my biggest problem is how it's presented as having a happy ending, when it certainly doesn't.

"Yeah, Noah is allowed to go home but he's now also a convicted sex offender. That's pretty much his life ruined."

However, some fans did praise the series, with one person writing: "What a fantastic series No Return was! Great story, powerful ending, excellent cast."

With only four episodes, the series is considered a miniseries, so it's unlikely that a second series will take place.

Although some viewers felt it was "rushed", the finale put an end to the ongoing storyline regarding the allegation.

The series is still available to watch on ITVHub.

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