'Shark Tank': Kevin O'Leary Says His New Show 'Money Court' Is 'Riveting'

Kevin O’Leary’s verdict is in. The Shark Tank star says his new CNBC series is “riveting.” 

In Money Court, O’Leary teams up with veteran trial attorney Katie Phang and former Judge Ada Pozo. The trio will preside over a wide range of financial disputes in the six-episode series, which premieres August 11. 

‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary will resolve financial disputes in ‘Money Court’ 

On their hit ABC show, O’Leary and the rest of the Shark Tank cast evaluate entrepreneurs’ business pitches before deciding whether to invest their own money in the venture. In Money Court, O’Leary and his fellow judges will be making a different kind of decision as they attempt to resolve real financial disputes between family members, friends, and business partners. 

O’Leary says the show couldn’t have arrived at a better time. 

“The pandemic created a massive backlog of unresolved financial disputes in the court system,” O’Leary said in a statement. “It is going to take years to clear this log jam. In the meantime, nothing destroys intrinsic value, and growth in a business more than a money dispute. It tears families apart, disrupts lifelong relationships and destroys shareholder value.”

The Money Court judges will consider all aspects of each case “in a fair and objective manner,” O’Leary said, and then issue a verdict that “sets the litigants free to get back to work.” The participants have all agreed to abide by the judges’ decision. But don’t expect the process to be easy or painless. 

“Getting to resolution can be gut wrenching and emotional but absolutely necessary,” O’Leary said. “It makes for incredible television and the outcomes are most often a complete surprise.” 

Kevin O’Leary says his new show is ‘not what you’d expect’ 

Just as with Shark Tank, Money Court won’t feature made-for-TV drama. The cases are real and high stakes, including a dispute between estranged partners over a deal gone sour and another involving a set of siblings who’ve had a falling out over their family business. 

O’Leary is convinced viewers won’t be able to look away.

“You know you have a hit when the makeup, lighting, production assistants and security crews are glued to the monitors watching the line feed while it’s being taped,” he tweeted. “[Katie Phang and Ada Pozo] are the real thing so the cases are riveting and the outcomes are not what you’d expect!”

‘Shark Tank’ renewed for another season 

In addition to Money Court, O’Leary continues to appear on Shark Tank. The show wrapped its 12th-season run on May 21. Shark Tank Season 13 will premiere during the 2021-22 broadcast season.

From the sound of things, O’Leary can’t wait to get back to making deals. 

“Shark Tank has been renewed for another season. Let’s goooo Season 13!!!” he tweeted May 13. 

Money Court premieres Wednesday, August 11 at 10 p.m. ET on CNBC. 

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