Seven huge Eastenders spoilers for next week including Big Mo’s big exit

EASTENDERS will air Big Mo’s exit storyline next week, as she heads off into the sunset with Fat Elvis. 

Here’s the lowdown on the huge exit storyline as well as everything else that’s happening next week on the BBC One soap….

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1. Mo leaves in dramatic fashion

Mo reveals that she’s been invited on a cruise with Fat Elvis, but that she isn’t going because she’s worried about Jean.

Viewers will know that Jean has been hiding her concerns that her cancer may have returned, and told her consultant that she didn’t want a diagnosis. 

Jean pretends that she’s fine and gives Mo her blessing, organising a leaving party for her with the help of Kat Slater. 

Later in the pub, Mo reveals something to Jean which leaves her shocked. 

Jean and Kat then bid an emotional farewell to each other.

2. Zack sticks his nose in

Following Mo’s departure, Zack admits he heard Jean talking about how she was worried she might not be around when Mo eventually returns. 

Zack asks Jean what she  meant earlier but she brushes off his concerns.

Will she open up to Zack?

3. Phil disowns Ben

Callum and Ben eventually managed to tie the knot after many ups and downs after Callum confessed to going undercover against the Mitchells.

Next week, Ben and Callum return from their honeymoon but are quickly brought down to earth with a bump when they discover Vi is still at Stuart’s and they’ve been relegated to the blow up bed.

It soon becomes clear they’ve got bigger fish to fry when Phil sees Callum in the cafe and storms out. 

Later, Kat tries to calm Phil down and encourages him to make peace with Ben.

Will Phil give Ben and Callum another chance?

4. Kat and Phil take a big step

Viewers know that the boys’ dad is Alfie Moon, but in his absence Kat ropes in Phil to the ‘bring your dad’ day at school.

Raymond was adopted after his one-night stand with Denise Fox, but she recently took him back under her roof after his adoptive parents were killed. 

Phil initially planned to double-cross Denise to get custody of his son Raymond, but hit a brick wall early on when he realised no court would award him custody given his criminal record. 

How will Phil react to seeing Jack and Raymond playing happy families at school?

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5. Kat is mugged

Just when they thought their day couldn't get any worse, Kat is the victim of a mugging as she walks home alone.

Shaken up, Kat bumps into Callum and Suki who ask if she’s okay. 

When Suki makes a comment about Phil sorting the mugger out, Kat defends him.

Will they find the culprit?

6. Kheerat lies to Ben

With Jags still in trouble in prison, Kheerat suggests asking Ben for help. 

When he gets approval from Suki, Kheerat asks Ben if he’ll help Jags and he tells him to consider it done. 

Kheerat doesn’t mention his relationship with Ben’s nemesis Sharon in case he doesn’t react well, but will his deceit come back to bite him?

7. Callum and Ben drift

There’s trouble in paradise for the newly wed couple next week when Ben meets up with Callum only to find him with colleague, Fitzy. 

He quickly senses he’s not welcome and leaves them to it. 

Later, Ben confides in Kheerat about his troubles with Callum, but will they resolve things?

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